A crazy island full of snapping turtles is talked about in 'Animal Crossing: New Year's Forest'

In the game 'Animal Crossing: New Clothes Forest ' for Nintendo Switch, which sold more than 11.77 million units as of the end of March 2020, players can freely develop islands to create their own unique cityscape in the world. I can. If there is a crazy island that collects a large amount of snapping turtles in such an animal crossing forest, we are picking up the island where Polygon, an overseas game media, is located.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan tortures villagers with turtles --Polygon

Polygon paid attention to the island of Twitter user @ miltank211. @ miltank211 posted a movie on his Twitter with the words 'I'm completely surrounded.' In the movie, the appearance of being surrounded by snapping turtles that fill the screen is recorded, and Twitter users who were overwhelmed by the strange atmosphere retweeted more than 55,000 times at the time of article creation, and more than 160,000 likes. Is collecting.

This huge number of snapping turtles are said to have been overfished on an uninhabited island where only large fish shadows appear.

A nap time that is too chaotic among snapping turtles. 'I don't know how @ miltank211 put the islanders to sleep, but frankly, this was just the beginning of a creative use of snapping turtles that could be placed in Animal Crossing.' It is written as.

Introduced next is a movie that @ miltank211 discovered, 'When you surround the islanders with snapping turtles, the scorpions run around the snapping turtles.'

@ Miltank211 who makes full use of this to create a running course using snapping turtles and trains with Chachamaru.

In addition, we have extended the running course to reach the pitfalls at the goal.

A movie that develops this and uses scorpions to race the inhabitants has also been released. In the following movie, he is running 100 meters with the female islanders, and it is Bianca Francois Christine Jessica and @ miltank211 himself who are running. Jessica seems to be the fastest.

As a result of competing by dividing each lane firmly with a hole, it turned out that it was messy but fast and Jun was slow among the men's islanders.

The way to run the residents is as follows. By leaving a part of the course made of snapping turtles as a hole, the player can enter the course. If you jump into the course while being chased by scorpions and tarantulas, the inhabitants who are frightened by pests will run and run away.

Furthermore, by running the residents in the same lane, it is possible to compare their strengths. It seems that he couldn't beat the gorilla's offal.

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