A priest who shoots holy water with a water gun appears to maintain a social distance, a large number of Photoshop images are made by meme

by St. Ambrose Parish

It has been pointed out that the pandemic of the new coronavirus is changing the life of Muslims, but the event of the Roman Catholic Church in the United States, which has also sprayed holy water by plane, is affected by the pandemic I am.

A Detroit priest fired holy water through a squirt gun at his congregants. Weeks later, he's gone viral-CNN

Detroit priest users water gun to spray holy water on worshippers to maintain social distancing-CBS News

Detroit priest overcomes social distancing by squirting people with Holy Water from a TOY GUN | Daily Mail Online

The Church of St. Ambrose in Detroit, USA, celebrated Easter (Easter) on April 12, 2020. 'To meet the need for social distance, the church of St. Ambrose offers a drive-through blessing tradition. I keep going. Father Tim has a water gun full of holy water! ”Posted on Facebook. The event was held on April 11th, the Saturday before Easter.

A photo uploaded by the Church of St. Ambrose shows a traditional event that puts food in a basket and behaves, showing a believer who came by car to pick up an Easter food basket by Father Tim with a mask, face shield and gloves. It contains a scene of blessing by launching holy water at.

Of course, the prevention of the epidemics of the followers is also missing.

The appearance of Father Tim shooting holy water with a toy water gun instantly became a meme on the Internet, and many collages using Father Tim's images were uploaded to the online bulletin board Reddit and the image sharing site Imgur.

Holy Water Pistol +50 Spiritual Damage from r / ItemShope

PSBATTLES: Pandemic.

The St. Ambrose Church also captured this epidemic. On Facebook, 'The Law of the Internet. It means that once you take a picture of someone, it doesn't end without a meme. Now it celebrates food on Holy Saturday and boil the world with his unique holy water water gun. Father Tim, who has now become the protagonist of some of the clever memes found in Reddit and Imgur. Don't miss it! ' The memes are now half-certified as they have shown a forgiving attitude.

This is one of Father Tim's favorites. In the image of the package illustration of the famous first-person shooter (FPS) ' DOOM ', Father Tim disperses the devil on behalf of the protagonist.

Father Tim Tim Perk, 70, said to CNN, “A little before Easter, the event was canceled to control the spread of the infection. I asked him if he would make holy water and cast it with a water gun, and he said, 'That's interesting. If it does, I'll take my family.' I am.

In fact, Father Tim handed out an Easter food basket on a holy Saturday with a water gun, and 50 families gathered, including the doctor who consulted. This was about half of the usual number, but it was said that many young families who were not likely to be affected by the new coronavirus participated.

Fr. Tim's ideas have become a hot topic, but Fr. Tim plans to use water guns for holy water this year. What Father Tim wants to leave is not the method of sprinkling holy water with a water gun, but the attitude to deal with difficulties with ingenuity and positiveness.

Father Tim said, “Children see what we do and how we deal with pandemics, so if we can take a strong, positive outlook as a model We will be able to convey our hope to our descendants while saying, 'This is our way.'

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