Headline news on May 19, 2020

A collaboration product `` Kirin Hyakuyu meets Ice Fruit '', which is a popular grape flavor from Ezaki Glico's `` Ice Fruit '' and arranged in the way of Kirin's Chu Hai `` Ikyuu '', will be released on June 16, 2020 (Tuesday). .. The collaboration is the second time since 2019, and pursuing the deliciousness of 'putting ice fruit in Chu-Hi' which is popular in the street, it is said that it has a taste that you can enjoy a rich fruit juice feeling. The alcohol content is 4% and both 350ml and 500ml cans are sold at the open price.

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`` Battleship Missouri Memorial '' which became a memorial hall for the world's largest existing battleship with a total length of 270 m tells the history of the 20th century with a powerful force-GIGAZINE

You may be able to think more concretely by just thinking about coffee and raising your alertness-GIGAZINE

Why shouldn't the number be divided by '0'? -GIGAZINE

Claim that action movies have failed due to the influence of the `` Bone '' series-GIGAZINE

There is a city with a `` hidden diving spot '' 30 meters underground in the city area-GIGAZINE

Keihan's first paying seat designated vehicle `` Premium car '' unveiled, 3-row seat with outlet & Wi-Fi equipment-GIGAZINE

The famous machine `` DC-3 '' came to Japan and participated in the experience flight of `` Breitling DC-3 World Tour ''-GIGAZINE

`` Breitling DC-3 World Tour '' event report that I was able to board the rare masterpiece `` Douglas DC-3 ''-GIGAZINE

Bison children helped by the general public in `` good faith '' are abandoned by their parents and euthanized-GIGAZINE

[Obsolete] Yuko Mizutani, a voice actor who plays 'Chibi Maruko' sister and 'Black Jack' Pinoko, died-GIGAZINE

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Dani, extinct with Japanese crested ibis that has completed to the end: Asahi Shimbun Digital

New corona infected person, research on surrounding environment before onset of research 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

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Prime Minister will give up to 200,000 yen to students who have a difficult life | Cabinet decision on 19th | NHK News

New corona: US modeler confirms corona vaccine antibody Large scale clinical trial in July: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Home electronics mass retailer that must wear a mask Sold to a forgotten boy for '3,990 yen' |

New Corona: Mr. Trump reveals “taking unapproved drugs” to prevent corona (Photo = AP): Nihon Keizai Shimbun

'Abeno mask, if not needed, return to collection box' Effectively use unopened items [New coronavirus]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

'Ministry of Justice Proposal' Prime Minister's remarks extend to the mandatory retirement age, doubting emphasis on irrelevance | Kyodo News

Prosecutor's Office law amendment, attitude toward establishing as it is current law Minister Mori [Prosecutor's Office law amendment]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Prosecutor's Office Law Interpretation Change Chief Cabinet Secretary `` I did not need to be informed ''

Takamatsu City to cancel online application 100,000 yen benefit, many input errors | Kyodo News

5 new infection confirmed in Tokyo, the smallest new corona since the declaration of emergency | NHK News

Starbucks 850 stores reopened today due to new corona closure | NHK News

100,000 yen cash payment Online application highlights issues in various areas | NHK News

Sony company name changed to 'Sony Group' as of April 1, next year | NHK News

Prosecutors Office postpones amendment to law 'No effect on Attorney Kurokawa's personnel'

Learning app error series / Use of half of Benesse high school

'Northern territory is the sovereignty of Japan' diplomatic blueprint, change from deletion: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Pachinko parlor parking lot in Yamanashi, hit by 90-year-old and died 90-sankei news

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'I have diarrhea every time after eating.' A person who has a healthy bowel but is prone to diarrhea after eating, gave advice on Twitter. The frequency of diarrhea decreased 'I understand this!'-Togetter

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Deno 1.0 release commemorative illustrations drawn-No Regrets in Bathing

'Shut up' Attacks women who say things intensify SNS full of abusive voice: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Who will kill the work? | A reader | note

Sequel-Who kills the work? | A reader | note

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Personal consideration of Sailor Moon MUJI episode 34 that Director Anno cried-Togetter

This day has finally arrived ... | Hiro Mizushima Official Blog Powered by Ameba

2ch All AA Illustrative Plan Tabungo no Uta [Tabungo no Uta]

Taberuko's room-Nico Nico Douga

Eating a song (Okinawa)-Nico Nico Douga

Balalaika & not to eat & not to do-Nico Nico Douga

Minagiru Akari and others [Handwriting] [Torres]-Nico Nico Douga

Don't say 'apple'-Nico Nico Douga

Ngo is a garment-Nico Nico Douga

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Melting sweetness carbonated drink 'Mitsuya' melting mango mix 'using mango puree from carbonated drink' Mitsuya 'brand born in Japan on sale on June 2 (Tuesday) Refreshing aftertaste with apple juice! | News Release 2020 | Company Information | Asahi Beverage

Introducing the brand's first flavor! 'Takenoko no Sato Kuromitsuki Natako' May 26 New Release / Nationwide | 2020 | Press Release | Meiji Co., Ltd.

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