A movie is being released that encourages passers-by to secure a social distance by the popular quadruped walking robot 'Spot'

In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), measures to 'keep a social distance' are being implemented all over the world. As one of such measures, at

Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park in Singapore, an experiment in which Boston Dynamics' quadruped walking robot 'Spot' performs patrol security to promote the securing of social distance will be conducted from May 8, 2020. It has started.

NParks and SNDGG trial SPOT robot for safe distancing operations at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park

Roaming'robodog' to promote safe distancing at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park --CNA

Spot is a quadruped walking robot that has been talked about in terms of visuals and behavior, as well as the ability to run on rough terrain and open and close the door with a robot arm. You can see how such Spot is playing an active part in a park in Singapore by watching the following movie.

Meet the robot dog promoting safe distancing in Singapore's parks --YouTube

Spot that moves on the sidewalk of the park with Gashon Gashon.

Spot is a built-in camera that allows you to instantly calculate the number of people in your field of view. This camera does not recognize any personally identifiable information and cannot collect any personal information.

Since Spot is controlled remotely from the control center, it is possible to reduce human-to-human contact in the park by remote control without actually going to the park.

One of the advantages of Spot is its ability to run on rough terrain on a variety of terrain. In addition to this ability to drive on rough terrain, the ability to detect objects within 1 meter and avoid collisions is ideal for park patrols.

When you see someone running or cycling, Spot, which operates in the park, 'keeps Singapore healthy' and 'keeps at least a meter away for yourself and the people around you.' Let's say thank you. '

The operation of Spot at Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park is carried out by the Singapore National Parks Board and the Smart National Digital Government Group, which was established in collaboration with the Singapore Ministry of Finance and the Digital Department of the Information and Communications Agency. The two-week trial operation started on May 8, 2020, during which the operating hours are off, and the range of movement is limited to a part of the park called the 'floodplain section'. One companion will accompany the Spot.

According to the announcement by the Singapore Government Technical Agency, depending on the success or failure of this test operation, extension of operating hours and operation in parks other than Bishan Ammo Kio Park will be considered. In Singapore, Spot is also being used to transport medicines and other items within the Changi Exhibition Center , which is used as a quarantine facility for people infected with COVID-19. He says he is looking for it.

The Singapore National Parks Board has repeatedly issued advice that 'you should stay at home to control the COVID-19 epidemic', and if you want to go for a walk, jogging, cycling, etc., go to the park nearby and exercise alone. We recommend that you return home as soon as you are done. In addition, the committee encourages you to wear a mask when you are out, except when you are exercising hard.

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