Residents are returning to the city thanks to the epidemic of new coronavirus and lockdown

The tourism industry has stopped in every city in the world under the influence of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), but most of the services have stopped, with the exception of Airbnb , a private lodging service. However, it is said that clues are now beginning to be solved for the problem that has been a problem until now, 'the residents who have nowhere to live due to the increase in private lodging services are moving away from the city'.

Airbnb slump means Europe's cities can return to residents, say officials | Technology | The Guardian

Airbnb, an accommodation service that allows you to rent a room for locals, is so influential that it is said to have revolutionized travel and compete with the hotel industry. The advantage of 'renting a resident's room' is that it has advantages for both the lodging and renting rooms, and the occupants can have a local experience different from the hotel, and the renting side adds income to living expenses. Is possible. However, in recent years, the aspect of 'real estate operation' has become stronger than the original 'residents rent one room of their own room', the price of housing has skyrocketed, and The problem of being unable to live in cities was also reported all over the world.

However, in the year 2020, COVID-19 has been raging around Europe and America, and the tourism industry itself has been severely damaged due to lockdowns and aviation industry stoppages. Airbnb is no exception, and CEO Brian Chesky described the situation as 'the most tragic crisis of our lives.' The confirmed accommodation reservations were canceled one after another, and in March 2020 it became possible for the guest side to receive a full refund, but this naturally provided an accommodation place. There are many complaints from the 'host' on the side where it is. It was announced on March 30 that a fund was created to reduce the financial burden on the host, but no specific information was provided in April 2020, and only a small amount of the reservation amount was covered. Partly, the host says, 'The Airbnb announcement looks just like an advertisement.' Airbnb also announced that it has signed a new loan of 1 billion dollars (about 108 billion yen) in April.

Airbnb Gets $ 1 Billion Loan, Bringing Coronavirus Funding to $ 2 Billion-WSJ

Airbnb to make a quarter of its global workforce redundant | Technology | The Guardian

Airbnb hosts getting almost nothing from $ 250 million relief fund

On the other hand, with the decrease in the use of Airbnb, the expectation that 'the residents will return to the city' is also increasing. Marketing company Transparent reports that Airbnb's bookings in Spain have dropped 98% since the lockdown started in Spain on March 14. Since renters can't rely on tourism revenues, they are looking to the traditional leasing market, saying Barcelona's deputy mayor Janet Sands said, 'One-third to two of the licensed tourist apartments. We expect one-third to become a regular rental apartment. ' 'We will take this opportunity to regain control,' said Ian Brossat, vice-mayor of housing in Paris, who is also affected by Airbnb.

'In some markets, there are already signs of future growth,' Airbnb said, saying tourism will pick up again after the end of COVID-19. Meanwhile, Sands said, “It's an opportunity to rethink the city. We've been saying for a long time that we want to reclaim the residents of Las Ramblas and the beaches of Barcelona. Business needs fit. Locals need it. 'It's not sangria or souvenirs. It doesn't work in a monoculture that only targets tourists.'

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