'Pee pants challenge' that leaks pee while wearing pants purposely is in fashion at TikTok

People seem to have more time than ever, as pandemic lockdowns of the new coronavirus are being implemented around the world. On

TikTok , a short movie platform for mobile devices , the ` ` Pee Your Pants Challenge, '' which deliberately leaks pee while wearing pants, has become a trend that makes many young people look disgusting. Is posting a movie that leaks pee.

People on Social-media are Peeing in Their Pants on Video because of Lockdown Boredom

TikTok: Billy Madison-Style 'Pee Your Pants' Challenge Is Now A Thing (Sadly)

If you look at the movie posted on April 21, 2020 by Liam Weyer , the founder of the 'pee pants challenge', you can immediately see that this challenge is still the name of 'pee pants'.

@ liamw2

## peeyourpantschallenge ## fyp

♬ original sound-liamw2

Weyer says “Pee your pants challenge” with a low tension voice using a smartphone.

The sound 'Jororororo ...' sounds ...

There is a stain on the pants.

This movie was originally posted on April 18, deleted a few days later, and uploaded again on April 21. The posting on April 21 said that, despite the second upload, he won more than 157,500 views and 5600 likes in just one week.

Below is a post by mentally7evan who recorded 2 million views and 720,000 likes.

@ mentally7evan

PEE YOUR PANTW CHALLENGE ## PeeYourPantsChallenge ## PeeYourPants

♬ original sound-mentally7evan

After saying 'Pee your pants challenge' ...

Pissing. Perhaps I'm confused by the unusual feeling, I'm getting a funny laugh.

My feet are messy.

Another challenger's movie,

tylerdoesit1 , is below.

@ tylerdoesit1

## fyp ## foryou ## foryoupage pee your pants challenge

♬ original sound-liamw2

Maybe you respect the founder Weyer, Weyer's 'Pee your pants challenge' voice is used as it is.

Do the same thing And this is the look.

The movie of 'Pee Pants Challenge' can be seen with the special hash tag '#peeyourpantschallenge'.

Tik Tok's video about #peeyourpantschallenge

At TikTok, eccentric challenges have been booming, and in the past there have been challenges such as 'soaking testicles in soy sauce', 'sliding a condom through the nose and out of the mouth ', and ' eating detergent '. You may.

You can read about the challenge of soaking the testicles in soy sauce below.

What is the cause of the bombing of the 'pickling testicles in soy sauce'? -GIGAZINE

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