It was found that about 80% of parents with children changed their thinking that 'we should pay more teachers' due to home isolation

The pandemic of the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) is

changing the way people live , and school closures force children to study at home. Meanwhile, the burden on parents caring for children is increasing, and a survey conducted by OnePoll , a research company, said , `` I think that many parents should pay more salaries to teachers because of the pandemic of COVID-19. Has been revised. '

New Research from Osmo on parent views on at-home education during Covid-19-Osmo Blog

Coronavirus homeschooling: 77 percent of parents agree teachers should be paid more after teaching own kids, study says | Fox News

This survey was commissioned by OnePoll, an educational content provider Osmo , and it was conducted on 2,000 American residents with school-age children. In the United States, many parents were affected by COVID-19, and they also took on the role of temporary educators overnight.

As a result of the questionnaire, it was also found that 80% of parents answered that they 'respected teachers again due to the influence of the pandemic', and 77% of parents thought that they should pay more salaries to teachers. In addition, 69% of parents acknowledged that 'working as a teacher is more difficult than what they are doing.' Parents who watched online distance learning classes and helped children study Have become aware of the importance of teachers.

In addition, 68% of parents feel that they lack an idea to focus their children on study, and some fear that they may not achieve their learning goals. It went up to%. On the other hand, more and more parents are working from home as a result of the pandemic, but 75% of parents say they are 'difficult to balance their child's education with their work'. I am.

In addition, the following is the ranking of the 'subjects that parents want to preferentially learn' for children who are learning remotely due to school closure.

◆ 1: Mathematics (67%)
◆ 2: Science (64%)
◆ 3: Japanese (57%)
◆ 4: History (46%)
◆ 5:

Phonics (36%)
◆ 6: Physical education (36%)
◆ 7: Music (35%)
◆ 8: Fine art (28%)

'We are pleased to hear that many parents are growing their appreciation and respect for their teachers,' said Jan Richards, head of Osmo. `` This data confirms an important opportunity for companies supporting STEAM education , such as Osmo, to continue to provide more learning content, '' said Osmod CEO Pramod Sharma. We are actively working to create it. '

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