What is “Dalgona Coffee” that has increased the number of searches in two months? I actually made it

Trends may occur mainly on SNS such as Instagram and TikTok like tapioca drink, but among people who are forced to be isolated at home due to the epidemic of new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), `` Dargona coffee Is attracting attention. I actually tried to make what kind of drink Google's search number is exploding.

What is Dalgona coffee? The whipped coffee trend taking over the internet during coronavirus isolation


'Dalgona' of Dalgona coffee is Carme-baked in Korean. A whip made of coffee and sugar and coffee put on top of the milk with this name from the fact that was similar to Darugona it has been said .

According to Google trends, the word 'Dalgona coffee' is being searched around the world, with search numbers rising to 1800% in the middle of March 2020 and jumping to a further 1700% in the middle of April.

Catherine Kirkwood, who studies food media and food culture at the Queensland Institute of Technology, speculates that the COVID-19 epidemic is linked to the popularity of Dargona coffee. Since more people are spending their time at home, Dalgona coffee that looks like a drink offered at a cafe and that can be easily made with household ingredients is becoming popular. thing. A movie showing the cooking scene of cooking is used as a kind of ASMR where sound and images give comfort to people, and some people spend hours on cooking movies. As an ASMR, Dalgona coffee is considered to have become more popular because it is “comfortable to see”.

So I actually made Dargona coffee. How to make is based on this movie .

First, prepare 2 tablespoons of sugar, 2 tablespoons of instant coffee, and 2 tablespoons of hot water.

Put all ingredients in a bowl.

It becomes a fairly sweet coffee liquid. Then just mix this.

If you mix it with crap ...

Liquid gradually builds up.

As I continued to mix it, the color became whitish and became like whipped cream.

Before I started mixing, I was worried about how long it would take, but when I mixed it for 3 minutes, it was quite fluffy and sticky.

Put ice in a glass ...

Pour the milk.

And if you put coffee whip on it ...


So I actually drank it, but after the coffee whipped with quite strong sweetness and bitterness came into my mouth, mellow milk flowed in and coffee milk was completed in my mouth. The composition is similar to that of a latte, but the bubbles are extremely fine, and the smooth texture is certainly a shop-like finish. However, since the amount of sugar is quite large, it is very sweet and I am worried about calorie when I am isolated from home, where I have a low amount of exercise.

So it's OK even if you slightly reduce the bubbles. Even if mixed thoroughly with milk, the whole is fluffy and delicious.

The frozen coffee whipped will look like ice cream when frozen, so you can mix it with milk and drink it like ice coffee.

I used decaffeinated instant coffee this time, but there was no problem with foaming.

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