Researchers argue that creativity and concentration are created by 'boring', 'there is no need to keep children entertained'

Due to the epidemic of the new coronavirus infectious disease (COVID-19), the school was closed and many people and children should be bored because they could not go out due to self-restraint at home.

Researchers say that people prefer electric shock to people rather than being trapped in a room that has no external stimulus for 15 minutes, but in reality, people do not want to be bored. “It doesn't have to entertain a bored child,” Mandy Shane of the School of Education, Edith Cowan, argued, not as a bad thing, but as a source of creativity and concentration.

Parents, you don't always need to entertain your kids – boredom is good for them

◆ Why do people get bored?

Boring is a temporary emotional state, and people who are bored present problems such as 'unpleasant emotions,' 'loss of interest in tasks,' and 'inability to pay attention to things.' For this reason, people who are bored cannot do what they do.

There are various causes of boredom, including malnutrition, lack of emotional stimulation, and excessive repetition. Also, people who are sensitive to rewards are expected to be particularly tedious, as they are constantly required to be “emotionally satisfied”.

In addition, a

2006 study showed that when adults choose their child's 'play content,' they are more likely to be bored than when they choose their own play content. From this, “lack of control” is also thought to be associated with boredom.

◆ Is boredom bad?

But boredom is not necessarily a bad thing.

In one study , after doing a tedious task, people think divergently, such as 'discovering various ways to use items,' 'connecting seemingly unrelated ideas,' 'creating creative ideas.' Is shown. It has also been shown that people who do tedious work such as 'color-coding beans' will come up with ideas that are quantitatively and qualitatively superior to those who did 'fun paperwork' . . In other words, creativity is created when a bored person seeks inspiration.

On the other hand, some people are likely to touch smartphones to confuse their boredom, but this is said to be counterproductive. Working lightly, rather than being enthusiastic about something, reduces the ability of people to focus, work on tasks, and get into a flow .

Blocking boredom with a smartphone is increasing boredom-GIGAZINE

Sit back and think 'how to get rid of boredom' when it's boring is a training that will help you focus through difficult or tedious tasks. When there is no external stimulus, you need to find it in your mind. In other words, boredom is a movement of the mind.

◆ How to solve boredom

As you can see from the above, boredom is something a person needs. For this reason, parents do not have to feel guilty that they are 'not entertaining their children,' even if the child appears to be bored.

Shane cites the following six points as 'what to check when a child is bored'.

1: Make sure your child is hungry and not tired. These factors make the child appear to be bored, but in reality they lack the energy to just act.

2: The state of continued isolation by COVID-19 is an 'abnormal state' in which people lose control. For this reason, there is a way for children to present 'choices' to regain control. Choices include 'where to eat dinner,' 'meal menu,' and 'order of things to do.'

3: Parents should not feel the responsibility of 'making the child experience awful'. By solving the problem of 'boring' by yourself, the child can develop internal powers such as attention, self-control, and creativity.

4: It is also important to tell children that they should not be afraid of feelings that come with boredom. Boredom is a sign that 'change is needed'. Encourage children to come up with ideas, engage one of them, and take responsibility for their choices.

5: Sometimes when a child is bored, they are just in trouble because they are just getting started. This is not really boring, so it's important to teach your child how to get started.

6: Mobile devices provide an 'easy distraction', so our concentration is easily deprived. Another option is to turn off the power of your mobile device in your family for a period of time, while doing something meaningful. Creativity suddenly appears. If you continue to be distracted by your mobile device, you cannot achieve what you can achieve.

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