Why has the conspiracy theory that 'the epidemic of the new coronavirus is caused by 5G' spread so far?

The conspiracy theory that 'the cause of the new coronavirus infectious disease (COVID-19) epidemic is in 5G technology' is spreading, and there are actual

damages such as frequent arson damage to 5G radio towers . Reporter Rebecca Heilweil summarizes the history of why such conspiracy theory spread.

The conspiracy theory about 5G causing coronavirus, explained-Vox

There are variations in the conspiracy theory about the relationship between the new coronavirus and 5G, and from the theory that '5G network is producing radiation and that triggers the virus', 'The 5G tower is the epitome of COVID-19 It's happening at the place where it's installed, 'and' 5G and the new coronavirus are for reducing the global population. '

Even after the 5G technology was proposed, there was a claim that '5G is harmful to the human body' even before the 5G radio tower was actually built. And even before the emergence of 5G, wireless technologies such as 3G and Wi-Fi 'cause brain cancer' 'lead to mind control' 'cause electromagnetic hypersensitivity, causing headaches and weakening of the immune system' Have been claimed.

The rationale that 'wireless technology causes health damage to the human body' dates back to 2000. `` Wireless networks are likely to cause serious health problems, '' said Bill Curry, a Florida-based physicist at the time, in a study that found that tissue damage increases with increasing radio frequency. I

reported . But in fact, Curry's findings did not take into account 'the human brain is protected by skin and bones.' Despite the mistakes, the findings spread all over the world and were the basis for the conspiracy theorists.

The conspiracy theorists who appeal the relationship between COVID-19 and 5G originally appealed the danger of the wireless technology as described above, and in order to reinforce the rationale of their claims, they call it '5G' and 'new coronavirus'. It is believed that they are using a new topic.

According to media analyst firm Zignal Labs, a reference to the relationship between COVID-19 and 5G already existed as of January 19, 2020, saying, “Wuhan has 5,000+ # 5G base stations now and 50,000 by 2021 — is 'it a disease or 5G?' (Wuhan has more than 5000 5G base stations and it is planned to increase to 50,000 by 2021. Is this a disease or is it caused by 5G? It seems that it was posted on Twitter.

On the 22nd, a Belgian news site published an article containing a doctor's comment that '5G is harmful to people.' This article did not mention the new coronavirus, only hinting at 'relevance to what is happening now', but then removed by the publisher. The article was read by 115,000 before it was deleted.

According to Zignal Labs, the relationship between COVID-19 and 5G is spreading on the Internet, and the number of posts will increase rapidly from around March. This kick was because a celebrity told his followers a conspiracy theory. American singer Kelly Hilson warns of the danger of 5G on Twitter as of March 15th. On April 3rd, rapper Wiz Khalifa posted on Instagram. Other similar posts include boxer Amir Khan , actor John Cusack , music producer Teddy Riley , and talent Amanda Holden . The fact that 5G radio towers were set ablaze in Britain, coupled with several incidents, made this topic a lot of people's eyes.

In addition, the conspiracy theorist ' Q Anon, ' who admires the Trump administration, is also involved in the spread of rumor. One of Q-Annon claims that 'the symptoms of COVID-19 are similar to what they were when exposed to 5G' and 'the epidemic in Italy is linked to the development of 5G.'

A particularly popular conspiracy theory on the Internet claims the involvement of Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Proponents of the theory claim that 'Bill Gates used 5G to spread the virus,' among others, 'Facebook has deleted the account that shares the conspiracy theory of 5G and COVID-19.' Some people question the point.

Believing in conspiracy theory can actually cause problems. Increasing numbers of people who believe that 5G is the cause of COVID-19 may increase the number of people who don't socialize and don't wear masks. It has also been confirmed that there are overlaps between 5G conspirators and vaccine conspirators, and even if a new coronavirus vaccine is completed, if these people refuse vaccination, those who are susceptible to the virus will be exposed. It can put you at risk.

Facebook deletes fake news and conspiracy theories related to the new coronavirus, and not only posts, but also the group itself claiming anti-5G. YouTube also announced that it will restrict content that advocates the conspiracy theory that '5G is contributing to the spread of new coronavirus infections.' Twitter is also deleting posts that contain 'phrases that call for potentially harmful actions'.

YouTube announces that it restricts content that claims the conspiracy theory that `` 5G is contributing to the spread of new coronavirus infection ''-GIGAZINE

However, the conspiracy theory that claims the relationship between COVID-19 and 5G is a variation of the conspiracy theory that claims that 'wireless technology is harmful to the human body', so even if the number decreases over time, it is completely It is not expected to disappear in.

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