A battery that can run an electric car for 2000 km with one charge by using the smartphone for one week with 10 minutes charging appeared

Australia-based automaker Brighsun announced that it has begun testing

lithium-sulfur batteries , which boast 5-8 times the energy density of conventional rechargeable batteries . If a battery to which this technology is applied is put to practical use, it is theoretically expected to realize an electric vehicle that can travel up to 2000km on a single charge.

Brighsun's revolutionary long-range EV batteries to enter industrial trials | New Mobility

Brighsun announced on April 21, 2020 that the practical use test of the lithium-sulfur battery developed by the company has started. This battery is extremely durable. Inspection and verification Swiss certification to perform a service company SGS According to the test results, be completely discharged in 30 minutes from the new battery is fully charged state of Brighsun 2C even if the 1700 charge and discharge in the environment of use, the factory It is said that the performance of 91% of the time was maintained. This means that the capacity consumed per charge is only 0.01%.

In addition, it is said that 74% performance can be maintained even after 1000 times of charge and discharge with a very severe usage of 5C which completely discharges in 12 and a half minutes from a fully charged state.

Furthermore, due to its high energy density, smartphones equipped with the new lithium-sulfur battery can be used for more than a week, and electric vehicles can travel 2000km on a single charge. Although it is a distance of 2000 km, it is hard to convey, but the straight line distance from Cape Soya in the northernmost part of Hokkaido to the southern end of Yakushima in Kagoshima prefecture is about 1970 km.

Lithium / sulfur batteries have the advantages of using lithium for the negative electrode and sulfur for the positive electrode, which has a very high energy content per mass and is relatively lightweight, so companies around the world are conducting research in their entirety. It was However, because the lithium of the negative electrode becomes

dendrites and polysulfide adheres to the positive electrode, the performance deteriorates drastically. Was blocking.

Therefore, Brighsun succeeded in developing a practical and high-performance lithium-sulfur battery by suppressing the generation of dendrites and polysulfides with its patented technology. Lithium-sulfur batteries also have the merit of being able to produce at low cost by using sulfur, which is a common substance. For example, Brihsun's lithium-sulfur battery brand, 2U, has a price per AkW of capacity of only A $ 100 (about 6827 yen). Given that the price per 1kWh of lithium-ion battery is 101,000 yen as of 2018, you can see how cheap the lithium-sulfur battery is.

Brighsun is currently in discussions with investors on the mass production of lithium-sulfur batteries and expects to begin building a mass production system by the end of 2020 at the earliest.

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