In Switzerland, 'cat ladders' are installed everywhere so that cats can roam freely in the town.

It is not uncommon to encounter stray cats and domestic cats when walking in the streets of Japan, and we often see them walking in drains or on block walls. In

Bern , the capital of Switzerland, cats have ladders installed in many buildings throughout the city, allowing them to roam freely.

Swiss Cat Ladders: Documenting & Deconstructing Feline-Friendly Infrastructure-99% Invisible

German author Brigitte Schuster is the author of ' Swiss Cat Ladders ', a compilation of 'cat ladders' found in the Swiss town. There are many owners who install cat towers for domestic cats, but in Bern, ladders for cats are lined around buildings such as houses and apartments.

For example, if you look at the photo below, you can see that the eaves protruding from the entrance of the building go to the upper floors, and a cat ladder is installed diagonally along the balcony.

In the photo below, there is a small doorway in the window of the house, and it seems that you can move to the roof below through the ladder.

A ladder like a staircase.

Furthermore, there are many variations of cat ladders, such as a cat ladder that turns like a spiral staircase.

'Ladder' is simply a simple expression of the passage for cats discovered by Schuster, and it may be attached to the outer wall of the building or suspended from the veranda, depending on the case It's different. Schuster researches and sorts the cat ladders he finds in town.

There are cat ladders that are exclusively for cats, from passages to scaffolds, to those that use existing objects such as balconies, mailboxes, and garden trees. Also, since multiple residents need to cooperate in order to install a cat ladder along the balcony of the apartment, the cat ladder provided in the public space that fuses with the architecture requires the cooperation of the entire community. It also shows that it is in order.

Dennis C. Turner, who studies behavior in cats, points out that cat ladders are useful for cats who actually live outside. It's easy to think that a cat can land safely even if it jumps down from a high place, but of course there are limits and jumping from a high place puts a strain on your feet. Therefore, the cat ladder that goes around the building is convenient for the cats living outside to move around.

In Japan, we often see stray cats and free-range cats, but in many states in the US free-range cats are prohibited. Also, in Australia, it has been pointed out that 'cats have killed large numbers of wild animals and rare animals are in danger of extinction', and the number of countries where the stray cats are becoming more windy is increasing. .

Rare animals are at risk of extinction because cats have killed large numbers of wild animals-GIGAZINE

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