The number of searches for 'Final Fantasy' surged more than 70 times on the world's largest adult site Pornhub

With the release of '

Final Fantasy VII Remake (FF7 Remake)' released for PlayStation 4 on April 10, 2020, the number of people seeking 'Final Fantasy porn' is increasing rapidly. Pornhub, the world's largest adult site, reported that the number of searches for FINAL FANTASY increased by 70 times.

Final Fantasy Insights – Pornhub Insights

The following is the transition of the number of searches for 'Final Fantasy' on its own service, which was published by Pornhub. The number “+ ○○%” represents the increase from the average value in March 2020. The number of searches increased to + 1811% on April 10, 2020, the release date of FF7 remake. The number of searches continued to increase steadily over the next few days, reaching the peak of '+ 7631%' on April 13. The total number of searches after April 10 will be over 1 million.

Of the Final Fantasy-related searches, the words that were searched the most were as follows. The number of searches for 'final fantasy 7' is overwhelming due to the phenomenon related to the release of FF7 remake. 2nd and later are `` final fantasy '', `` tifa final fantasy

hentai '', `` final fantasy aerith '', `` final fantasy hentai '', `` final fantasy cosplay '' Continue with 'final fantasy 3d' and '3d hentai final fantasy'. The word 'hentai' is used overseas as a generic term for so-called 'two-dimensional objects' such as adult animation and adult comics, but also pornography based on anime, manga, games, etc. There are also cases called 'hentai'.

In addition, we also surveyed the popularity of words other than 'Final Fantasy' among those who searched for 'Final Fantasy.' According to the results, those who search in 'Final Fantasy' will find that Blizzard's action shooting '

overwatch ', the characters 'jill valentine' and 'resident evil (resident evil) that appear in the resident evil series. ) ”Etc. were also strongly searched.

Below are the results of a survey on the gender ratio and age group of people searched for in 'Final Fantasy'. 58% more men than women and 189% more PlayStation users than Final Fantasy Xbox users search for Final Fantasy. Also, by age group, it was found that those who search for 'Final Fantasy' are biased toward the younger age group.

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