Google has started developing its own CPU for mobile, is it equipped with Google chips in the future Pixel series?

Google is reported to have started developing its own mobile chipset in collaboration with Samsung. The view that the Google chipset, code-named 'Whitechapel,' will be installed in Google smartphones that will appear in 2021 at the earliest, is spreading.

Google readies its own chip for future Pixels and Chromebooks-Axios

Google is reportedly building its own processor for Pixels and Chromebooks-The Verge

Google wants to dump Qualcomm, launch smartphone SoC as early as next year | Ars Technica

Axios, a news site, said, 'Google is slated to complete its own processor for the Pixel series in the future by 2021 at the earliest. In addition, the evolution of this processor will be applied to the Chromebook. This move is important because it could give Google an edge in the competition with Apple, which is already designing and developing its own chips, and at the same time is a major pain for Qualcomm. It will be handy. '

Even the leak information in March 2020 suggests that Google will not adopt Qualcomm's latest mobile processor ' Snapdragon 865 ' in the next mainstay smartphone, the Pixel 5 series.

Qualcomm's 5G compatible chip `` Snapdragon 865 '' is not adopted by smartphone makers such as Google, LG, Nokia, simply because it is too expensive-GIGAZINE

by Qualcomm

It is expected that the Pixel 5 series will be equipped with the Snapdragon 765, which is a lower model of the Snapdragon 865, and the news site Ars Technica said, 'Of course, it is impossible to completely eliminate Qualcomm. Probably Google Will still have to use a Qualcomm modem. This is true even at Apple. '

However, since Google has launched a new model of the Pixel series at a pace of once a year since Pixel 2 released in October 2017, Google made Pixel 6 and subsequent Pixel 6 after the Pixel 5 series. It is expected to be equipped with a chipset.

According to Axios, the chipset 'Whitechapel' that Google is working on is designed with Samsung's state-of-the-art 5nm technology . In addition, although Google has already received a prototype of the chip, due to the lack of supply, Axios expects a new Google chip to come to market after 2021.

by Matt Brown

The detailed specifications of Whitechapel are not known, but it is said that it incorporates an 8-core ARM processor and hardware optimized for Google's machine learning technology. It is also expected to contribute to the performance of Google Assistant and the improvement of the function to keep the Pixel series screen constantly lit.

Regarding the impact of the Google chipset being installed in the Pixel series, Axios said, `` The main processor is only one part of the smartphone, but it is an important part that affects performance such as overall smartphone speed and battery life. Pointed out. ' In addition, IT news site The Verge said, `` With the processor Google designed to run Google's software and services optimally, Apple's A series chip in iPhone is optimized for iOS As well as, it will greatly improve the user experience of future Google hardware. '

In addition, Google declined to comment on the interview with Axios.

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