I tried Misudo's new sweets such as `` Pont de

Six varieties, including Mr. Donut and the long-established tea specialty store in Kyoto ``

Uji Cha Gion Tsujiri '' and `` Pon de Uji Matcha Chocolate Almond '' collaborated by Toshihiko Armizuka , a patissier from Toshi Yoroizuka from Uji City, April 2020 Appears from Friday, March 10. The new sweets that raise `` Matcha no Sumire '' is a commitment worthy of the 50th anniversary of Mr. Donuts, which evolved Gion Tsujiri's first picked Uji matcha with Mr. Armizuka's original idea, so I actually bought it I ate it.

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Arrived at Mr. Donut.

There was a banner hanging at the store to showcase the new sweets.

We purchased and brought back.

First, try ' Pon de Uji Matcha Chocolate Almond ' (172 yen including tax). The chocolate-coated Pont de Ring is topped with matcha powder and almond crunch.

If you compare the size with a transportation IC card, it looks like this.

At the moment of biting, you will feel the taste of chocolate strongly, but when you eat the dough, the rich aroma of Uji matcha kneaded into the dough will spread in your mouth. The crisp texture of the almond crunch, along with the crisp texture of the chocolate coating, accentuates the sticky feel of the pon de ring, so it was a dish that can change both taste and texture at once .

' Pon de Double Uji Matcha Milk Crunch ' (172 yen including tax) is a Pon de Ring with Uji Matcha chocolate coated, with a milk crunch on top.

When you eat, you can feel the delicate aroma of Uji matcha chocolate and matcha kneaded into the dough. The milk crunch does not have a texture, but if you melt it in your mouth, it will add a subtle sweetness and mellowness, so it was a sweet that you can enjoy a taste like matcha latte.

Next, I will try ' Pon de Uji Matcha & Chocolate Cream ' (194 yen including tax).

Pon de Ring coated with green tea chocolate is filled with green tea whip and chocolate cream. Matcha was used in the three doughs, chocolate coating and whipped cream, so I could feel the strongest aroma of tea among the three new Pont de Rings.

Next, I will try ' Tiramisu Uji Matcha Whip ' (216 yen including tax).

The size is slightly smaller in diameter than the long side of the transportation IC card.

Uji matcha whipped with almond crunch and tiramisu are sandwiched between the doughs. Also, it stuck to the back of the dough above, but there was a coffee sauce on the tiramisu.

Because the bitterness of this coffee sauce is stronger, you can feel the flavor of tiramisu firmly. The soft texture of cocoa and the crisp texture of tiramisu are accented by the almond crunch texture. The aroma of tea and the bitterness of cocoa felt well matched with the aftertaste, and it was a sweet that could have a rich texture and taste with just a bite.

Next I ate ' Tiramisu Chocolat Whip ' (216 yen including tax).

If you remove the dough above, chocolate crunch whipped milk and tiramisu are sandwiched.

Milk crunch with mild taste, chocolate whip, and tiramisu go perfectly together. You can feel the scent of matcha chocolate in the aftertaste, but since Tiramisu is the main role, there was a sense of unity more than 'Tiramisu Uji Matcha Whip'.

Finally, we ate ' Uji Matcha Chocolate Pie ' (216 yen including tax).

This is the size compared to a transportation IC card.

When cut in half, I saw Uji matcha chocolate and chocolate cream wrapped in a pie dough into which cocoa was kneaded.

When you eat it, you can feel the bittersweetness of cocoa and the scent of matcha straight, because the sweetness of the dough is modest. The taste of crispy pie crust and moist chocolate cream spreads in your mouth when you bite the crispy matcha chocolate coating, so this was the sweetest with the most varied texture of the six.

Mr. Donut's 'Pon de Uji Matcha Chocolate Almond', 'Pon de Double Uji Matcha Milk Crunch', 'Pon de Uji Matcha & Chocolate Cream', 'Tiramisu Uji Matcha Whip', 'Tiramisu Chocolat Whip', 'Uji Matcha Chocolate' 'Pie' can be ordered from Friday, April 10, 2020, and the price is as follows.

・ Pon de Uji Matcha Chocolate Almond: 172 yen including tax for takeout / 176 yen for eating in
・ Pon de Double Uji Matcha Milk Crunch: 172 yen including tax for takeout / 176 yen including eating-in
・ Pon de Uji Matcha & Chocolate Cream: 194 yen including tax for takeout / 198 yen including tax for eat-in
・ Tiramisu Uji Matcha Whip: 216 yen including tax for takeout / 220 yen including tax for eat-in
・ Tiramisu Chocolate Whip: 216 yen including tax for takeout / 220 yen including tax for eat-in
・ Uji Matcha Chocolate Pie: 216 yen with tax out / 220 yen with eat-in tax

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