Why are victims of the new coronavirus 'overwhelmingly blacks'?

The new mortality by corona virus infection (COVID-19) differs by race and ethnic groups, and among them Hispanic blacks of mortality is almost double of the Caucasian-Asian has been found . About 72% of all American casualties are black , according to Nicole Hanna Jones of the New York Times, known for its authority on civil rights and racism.

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According to Jones, as an introductory comment, `` When COVID-19 began to spread in the United States around March 2020, it was said that 'COVID-19 is equal in the racially divided country of the United States'. But we all know the racial castes of the United States, and we knew that was not possible. '

'Chicago has a 70% black death rate despite a 30% black population. In Michigan, where only 14% of black people are black, 35% are positive and 40% are dead. In Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, where only 26% of the population is black, 50% of the positives and 81% of the dead were black. '

`` We don't have any data on race in New York City, the epicenter of infection in the United States, but we can see that infections are most widespread in low-income blacks and Latin American populations, '' says Jones. He noted that the prevalence of blacks in the United States was overwhelmingly high.

The reason for the high number of black cases is 'black economic conditions,' Jones explains. 'In the United States, COVID-19 is attacking the poorest of the poor, Native Americans and blacks. A range of issues, including housing, employment, and health problems, are increasing black infection and mortality.'

'Black Americans are much more likely to work in services than whites, which means that blacks have more opportunities to contact strangers and are unable to stay socially or work from home. '

`` Black Americans have a low percentage of cars and travel the most from work to get to work and use public transport the most, '' said Jones, a black who has been forced to work long. Suggested that they could be infected while on the move.

Also, the proportion of blacks who own houses is the lowest among all races in the United States. 'People living in single-person apartments will come in contact with more people,' he said.

It is also known that the mortality rate of COVID-19 varies greatly depending on the pre-existing illness. Regarding this, Mr. Jones said, `` The percentage of blacks with high blood pressure is 1.4 times that of whites, the rate of diabetes is twice as much, the rate of asthma is 3 times '', and data that blacks have a high percentage of chronic diseases Was mentioned.

In the United States, not only elderly people but also young people are becoming more and more serious . This is a phenomenon not seen in China or Italy where COVID-19 was prevalent before the United States. Regarding this phenomenon, Jones pointed out that 'black young people are suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes that usually affects the elderly.'

'Isn't this a race problem, but a class problem?' Said Jones, stating that 'black people have the highest poverty rate, but most black people are certainly not poor.' Both races are a problem. '

The argument was based on the fact that wealthy blacks are more likely to live in areas with more poor people than poor Americans.

'These poor areas are most likely to be adjacent to industrial zones that emit toxic substances that cause the underlying illness associated with severe COVID-19.'

'In addition, black people are most likely to live in areas far away from critical care centers where COVID-19 can treat severe illness.'

In addition, the insurance participation rate of black people is about half that of white people, and the ratio of insurance premium paid to income is also high.

The situation is even worse, said Jones, because the southern part of the United States, where the majority of black people live, has refused to expand the Medicaid public health insurance program in the United States. Georgia and Florida, which have the highest black population ratio, have issued a curfew, but it seems that the death rate of COVID-19 is high.

Also, regardless of income or education level, the level of medical care that blacks can receive is low. According to Jones, 'Black people receive less intervention and less quality medical care.'

In addition, Mr. Jones said that because of the low funding spent on blacks who need the same level of medical care, the algorithm that determines the budget allocation for the healthcare system has a bias that `` blacks are healthier than whites ''. 'To correct the medical gap, we need to spend 47% more than we have today,' he said.

Also, many medical workers think that `` there is a biological difference between blacks and whites, and blacks are less likely to feel pain '', and blacks are treated differently from whites Said Jones. Black people who are more likely to experience violence, have fewer choices in their diet, have lower incomes, and have less access to medical institutions are treated unequally among medical institutions. Appealed.

`` A large study examining the poverty rate and the rate of mother and child families in 171 major cities in the United States shows that even white people living in the worst environment are living better than the average black people doing'

Jones concludes, 'This country is based on a racial caste system and it is very difficult to live as a black person. COVID-19 is not a disease that is' equal to all races. ' Rather, it is a disease that “reflects existing racial inequality.” This inequality has killed many blacks, and COVID-19 has further strengthened that trend. ” If you don't think it's possible, you'll have the same feeling after the end of the COVID-19 epidemic, and as a journalist, I hope that this society moves forward with these ideas. ' Commented.

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