The 2019 version of 'Popular genres of hentai manga by prefecture' has been released by the all-you-can-read manga service.

'Komiflo ', an all-you-can-read manga service, has released '2019 genres of popular manga by prefecture ' based on the user statistics of the service. It seems that there is a considerable bias by region, and it is clear that there are various hobbies and tastes in Japan as well.

The popular genres in Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, and Chubu regions are as follows. Also, as popular tags by area, 'JK' in Japan, 'married woman' in Taiwan, 'slut' in Hong Kong, and 'virgin' in Singapore.

The popular genres in Kansai, Chugoku, Shikoku, Kyushu, and Okinawa are as follows. Furthermore, the most popular tags nationwide are 'Bitch' (5 prefectures), 'Small breasts' (5 prefectures), 'Reverse rape' (4 prefectures), and 'JK' (1 metropolitan area and 3 prefectures).

The following is a summary of popular genres by prefecture.

Hokkaido: Married woman
Aomori: Bitch
Akita: Bitch
Iwate: Virgin
Yamagata: Brown
Miyagi: Tights
Fukushima: Small breasts
Gunma: Small breasts
Tochigi: Love
Ibaraki: Knee high
Saitama: Reverse rep
Tokyo: JK
Chiba: Cuckold
Kanagawa: JK
Niigata: Small breasts
Toyama: Shota
Ishikawa: Reverse rep
Fukui: Succubus
Yamanashi: Muchimuchi
Nagano: Knee high
Gifu: Bitch
Shizuoka: Bitch
Aichi: JK
Mie: Muchimuchi
Shiga: Couple
Kyoto: Big breasts
Osaka: Married woman
Hyogo: Tights
Nara: OL
Wakayama: Slut
Tottori: Reverse rep
Shimane: Cuckold
Okayama: Big breasts
Hiroshima: Small breasts
Yamaguchi: Glasses
Tokushima: JK
Kagawa: Slut
Ehime: Multiple
Kochi: Brown
Fukuoka: Nasty
Saga: Nasty
Nagasaki: Reverse rep
Kumamoto: Married woman
Oita: Gal
Miyazaki: Small breasts
Kagoshima: Bitch
Okinawa: Nasty

Perhaps the popular genre image tweets by prefecture published by Komiflo were too interesting, there are many tweets that analyze (?) The tendency difference by prefecture in the reply.

A tweet that analyzes (?) A genre not found in other prefectures, such as Toyama's 'Shota', Fukui's 'Succubus', and Yamaguchi's 'Glasses'.

I wonder if there is a tendency in each region ...

People who want to associate regional colors with sexual orientation.

Some say that Tochigi, which is popular for its straightforward genre of 'love,' is the only salvation in the midst of a plethora of special habits.

In addition, FANZA, an adult portal site, publishes data that analyzes popular genres by similar prefectures. FANZA has released coterie-related data.

[FANZA REPORT 2018 Doujinshi] Immediately before Comiket 'Statistical Survey on Doujin' Urgent Results Announcement! --FANZA Magazine

Number of users visiting FANZA Doujin in one year: Approximately 140 million (145,805,763)
Number of new coterie works sold in one year: Approximately 18,000 titles (17,558 works)
Male-female ratio of users: 7: 3 (male: 73.66%, female 26.34%)
User age group: 18-24 years (22%), 25-34 years (33%), 35-44 years (26%), 45-54 years (13%), 55-64 years (4%), 65 Over the age of (2%)
Popular genres: 1st place: Cuckold, 2nd place: Married woman, 3rd place: Hypnosis, 4th place: Crossdresser / Otokonoko, 5th place: Mature woman

In addition, popular genres by area, popular genres by gender, popular genres by age, and access trends to the site are also revealed. FANZA Doujin is overwhelmingly popular as a genre of 'cuckold / cuckold', and it is fun to compare it because it tends to be different from the data published by Komiflo.

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