It is clear that the Spanish government is aiming to implement `` basic income '' that can earn money without working as a new type of coronavirus countermeasure

135,032 people at the time from February 2020 to April 7, is infected with the new coronavirus, such as 13,055 deaths,

Spain, which has issued the worst of the damage in Europe , even if not work It has been reported that discussions for the realization of ' basic income ', in which a certain amount of money is provided by the government, are increasing.

Spanish Government Aims to Roll Out Basic Income 'Soon'-Bloomberg

Spain plans universal basic income to cope with coronavirus economic crisis-The Local

Due to the stagnation of economic activities and out-of-home restrictions associated with the spread of the new coronavirus, the number of unemployed people is expected to rise to 25 million people worldwide. Has become. In Spain, where the number of new coronavirus infections is the second largest in the world after the United States, the number of unemployment insurance applicants surged to 302,265 in March 2020, and the unemployment rate was the worst in developed countries. The scale reached 13.8%.

When asked about measures to address this, Spain's

finance minister Nadia Carbinho said in a television interview on April 6 that `` the government has set a universal basic income target for approximately 47 million Spanish citizens. We are working to make this happen as soon as possible. ' The universal basic income is a system that provides unconditional and uniform payments to the citizens, unlike the broadly defined basic income, which may have certain requirements for benefits.

Carbinho said at the same time, `` It is the government's goal that basic income be a structural and permanent means, '' said Universal Basic Income, which is aiming for introduction, to temporarily respond to the pandemic of the new coronavirus. Suggests that it does not stop there.

'We have strong consensus within the government on implementing basic income,' said the country's Minister for Consumer Affairs, Albert Garson , in another public radio show.

Both ministers have not stated the amount, but according to a testimony of an anonymous government official who sent information to the Spanish daily newspaper El País, the benefit amount was 440 euros per month (about 52,000 yen) ) Is expected to be. Given that Spain's minimum wage is 950 euros (approximately 112,000 yen), less than half of the minimum wage will be paid to all citizens.

These moves are being considered outside of Spain. United Kingdom of Boris Johnson Prime Minister, at the Congress which was held in front of the March 19 to receive a diagnosis of the new coronavirus, 'It's one of the ideas to be considered' for the universal basic income

to answer , to consider positively I was showing my posture. In the UK Parliament, 170 members of parliament have also sent a letter to the Finance Minister Rishi Snack calling for the introduction of Universal Basic Income.

Outside Europe, a similar debate is taking place in the United States, where the number of people infected with the new coronavirus is the worst in the world. Karl Widerquist, economist at Georgetown University Qatar, said, `` In the United States, several members of parliament are considering universal basic income in response to the twin crisis of the new coronavirus and the stock market crash. There are various proposals, but it is common for adults to pay $ 1000 a month (about 108,000 yen) and children $ 500 a month (about 54,000 yen) for more than 4 months '. This amount, with very helpful to overcome the crisis of the new coronavirus has stated an opinion .

This movement has spread to the local government level. Michael Tubbs, Mayor of Stockton, California, was elected mayor in 2016, when he was 26 when he introduced Basic Income, and became the city's youngest mayor. Under the leadership of the Mayor of Tubbs, a trial of basic income began in Stockton City in December 2019, and 125 people suffering from financial difficulties were paid $ 500 per month.

'We are facing an unprecedented crisis, so we need to have a big picture,' said Tabbs, a pandemic of the new coronavirus. in came the economic crisis from, the New Deal policy drastic correspondence will be asked, such as 'and we talk .

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