YouTube announces that it will restrict content that conspires to conspire that 5G is contributing to the spread of new coronavirus infection

Rumors that the 5th generation mobile communication system (5G) is contributing to the spread of the new coronavirus are spreading in the UK. The contents of rumor are such that `` 5G suppresses the human immune system '', `` virus is spread through 5G radio waves '', and the situation has evolved to the point where the British government bothers to mention `` ridiculous rumors '' However, YouTube has also announced that it will restrict conspiracy theories about 5G and the new coronavirus.

YouTube moves to limit spread of false coronavirus 5G theory | World news | The Guardian

The Guardian, a major British daily newspaper, said that YouTube will actively remove 'videos controversial about 5G and the new coronavirus' that violate policies. In addition, YouTube intends to delete `` videos that conspire about conspiracy theory about 5G and new coronavirus '', but `` videos that do not mention new coronavirus, videos controversial about 5G '' will not be deleted. You.

However, 'videos controversial about 5G that do not mention the new coronavirus' are likely to be excluded from advertisements and removed from platform search results. Videos that have been removed from search results have seen a 70% or more drop in views.

A YouTube spokeswoman said, `` YouTube has clear policies to ban videos that promote ways to prevent the new coronavirus in a medically unfounded way, and videos that violate these policies will soon be violated. 'We have also begun to remove harmful content from our recommended content that could mislead users, such as conspiracy theories about 5G and the new coronavirus,' he told the Guardian.

According to Vodafone , a UK-based mobile carrier, the company has set up three 5G communication towers in the UK that have been arson-attacked. Some people who believe in conspiracy theories about 5G and the new coronavirus have talked to workers who have set up 5G communication towers and posted on Twitter how they blocked work.

`` Some people (believing in conspiracy theories) had access to emergency services, national insurance services, and communications with other parts of the country during the current blockade, '' said Nick Jeffrey, Vodafone CEO. We hope to harm the networks that provide this, 'said the Guardian.

In addition, Amir Khan , a British boxer, shared his conspiracy theory about 5G and the new coronavirus on his Instagram, 'It has become the first celebrity,' the Guardian reports.

Several videos have already been removed from YouTube, and one of the Guardians says a man who claims to be a `` former executive of a UK mobile carrier '' said, `` 5G was used to spread the new coronavirus. ' According to the Guardian's investigation, the same video that was deleted has been uploaded from multiple channels and can be played even at the time of article creation.

A mobile communication operators of the industry organization GSM Association Mats Granryd Director of, 'because critical communication infrastructure is being attacked on the basis of a complete misunderstanding is very disappointing. Trust the insurance authorities, communication technology Please rest assured that there is no connection between 5G and the new coronavirus infection. '

In addition, YouTube seems to have manually deleted thousands of misleading contents about the new coronavirus since early February 2020. A YouTube spokeswoman said, 'We continue to evaluate the impact of conspiracy themes on 5G and the new coronavirus on the UK community and continue to work with the UK government and the National Insurance Service to improve public safety and information. I'll do my best to maintain it. '

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