`` International music library project '' that can download more than 420,000 music scores and sound source data for free


International Music Notation Library Project (IMSLP) website, which releases free music and music that has become public domain due to the disappearance of copyright, mainly contains more than 425,000 music scores and music data of classical music. I am. I actually used it to see what kind of sound source and musical score data exist.

IMSLP: Free Sheet Music PDF Download

The top page of IMSLP looks like this. Also supports Japanese, scroll down to change the language to Japanese.

If you click on 'Japanese', the language will be converted to Japanese except for some parts such as the menu bar.

Click 'Scores' from the menu bar to download the score.

You can search for music scores by composer name, country, period, etc. For example, if you click 'From composer' ...

A list of composer names in alphabetical order is displayed. There is also Japanese alphabetical order, so this time I will try searching from Japanese alphabetical order. Click on the 'List of Japanese alphabetical composers' in the red frame.

In the alphabetical order, the composer's last name is arranged in alphabetical order. For example

, if you want to search for Frederick Chopin songs, click Chopin's 'S'.

Click on the name link ...

Go to the Chopin page. Scroll down the screen to see the score.

For example, for '

Ballard No.1 in G minor, Op.23', first move the mouse cursor to 'Ballade No.1 Op.23'.

Then, four links will be displayed on the right side of the song title. Click 'S' to see the score.

A PDF of several scores will be displayed. Click the title of the score you want to view.

A few seconds after opening the page, the text 'Click here to resume download' appears at the top of the screen, click it.

The PDF file will be displayed. The following sheet music has been created in 2014. Click the button in the red frame to save the PDF file.

Some music scores were written hundreds of years ago.

There was also a musical score with handwritten seasons.

In addition to music, you can listen to songs. Some speakers have a speaker icon on the right side of the song title, so click on it ...

Opens a page where you can listen to the various sources of the song. Click 'Play' to listen to the song.

The dialogue states, 'IMSLP does not guarantee that the files provided for download and streaming are in the public domain in your country and does not assume any kind of liability for copyright. By clicking OK, You agree to this disclaimer. ' Click “OK” if there is no problem.

Then the music playback bar will be displayed and you can play the song.

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