Animation 'Kemono Friends' 'Kemrikusa' production Yao Yorozu dissolved, integrated into a new corporation 8 million

Yao Yorozu, an animation production company that has been working on the “

Tesugure ! Club Activities ” series, “ Mirai Daiba (* raw animation) ”, “ Kemono Friends ”, and “ Kemrikusa ”, has been dissolved and integrated into a new corporation, 8million . I understood that it was done.


The dissolution of Yaoyorozu is published in the Official Gazette (Extra No. 68) released on Wednesday, April 1, 2020.

Official Gazette on the Internet April 1, 1980 (Extra No. 68)

The Company has been dissolved by a resolution of the General Meeting of Shareholders held on March 31, 1932, and those who have claims in the Company should submit their application within two months from the day following the publication of this notice.
If there is no request within the right period, we will disqualify you from liquidation.
April 1, 1980
3-3-1 Higashiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Yayorozu Corporation
Representative liquidator Yoshihiro Terai

According to the tweet of producer Yoshimasa Fukuhara, assets, human resources, and time that had been dispersed across multiple corporations were integrated into a new corporation of 8 million, and 'animation planning and production' 'sound production' 'voice actor training school operation' He will perform 'creator consulting services' and 'CG studio operation'.

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