I tried a 'full glass sander minibar' which was packed with granola in a collaboration of fruit granola & black sander

From the Yuraku Confectionery's

Black Thunder Series, which has a great combination of cookies and chocolate, the “ Full Grass Thunder Minibar ” that has collaborated with Calbee's Fruit Granola has been available since March 30, 2020 (Monday). I ate immediately what kind of taste the black sander containing granola and strawberry was.

Frugra® Thunder Minibar-Product Lineup-Product Information | Yuraku Confectionery

The 'Frugrasander minibar' in a bright red package.

If it is a normal black sander, the place where 'black thunder god' is written is 'the female thunder god of fruit'.

Ingredients included sugar and cacao mass, granola such as oats and rye flour, corn puffs, raisins, dried strawberry flakes, pumpkin seeds and maple paste.

Calorie is 52kcal per one.

The content was 134g, and when opening the bag, there were 13 bottles.

Frugrasunder minibar (top) is one size smaller than normal black sander (bottom).

Opening the bag is like this. Both are similar shades.

If you divide it in half, you can see red dried strawberry flakes in the red frame part of Frugrasander minibar (left). There were plenty of corn puffs and granola, and the cross section was more whitish than a normal black sander (left).

When I try to eat it, the impression of normal black sander has a strong scent of cocoa, while the full glass sander minibar has the fragrance of granola on the front. Granola and corn puff are tightly packed so it's crispy and light. The sweet and sour flavor of the strawberries spread over the aftertaste, accentuating sweet chocolate.

'Frugrasander minibar' can be purchased at supermarkets and drug stores nationwide, and the price is 300 yen excluding tax.

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