I went to `` Travel Bookstore Mado '' near Nishi-Ogikubo Station, filled with travelers

Takuya Sudo @ Charriderman, who traveled around the world on a bicycle, likes travel books, especially Charider (bicycle travellers) books.

In Japan, `` town bookstores '' are becoming less and more deprived of customers by online shopping, but `` bookstores only here '', that is, if they penetrate in some field instead of side by side, they will be noticed by someone . In that regard, the “ Travel Bookstore No Mado ” in Nishi-Ogikubo, Tokyo, was filled with places that are irresistible to travel lovers. I've had some free time since I was interviewed, but I definitely recommend this bookstore.

Travel Bookstore Madoka

Travel Bookstore Mado @nomad_books

◆ Access
The travel bookstore is here.

The nearest station is Nishi-Ogikubo Station on the JR Chuo Main Line.

Immediately from the north exit of Nishiogikubo Station. Go west on the street with Mos Burger and Seven-Eleven.

Then, the signboard of 'Travel Bookstore Mado' jumps into your eyes.

It was a small store that opened on the first floor of the building.

Inside the store viewed from the entrance door.

◆ Inside the store
Bookshelves are placed on the wall, and flat books are placed in the center. To find a book in the store, go around like a circle. It was a bookstore with bright and warm air.

A store illuminated by several lights. The wooden bookshelf was warming up.

Another one from another angle.

The bookshelves are full of books. Used books were also handled.

Not only books but also various things are placed, so you will not get tired of watching them.

A globe that makes you feel like a traveler's place.

◆ Travel book
We described it as a small store, but the inside of the store is full of travel books. You will surely find a book that touches the harp of those who love traveling. If you want more than just one book that you are worried about, and if you want this one, you can't stop crushing when you encounter an unknown book.

Pile of stacked books.

A lineup of books lined up in the Asian corner.

There was also a trip to Japan. It's good to have a taste of your island trip in Japan.

There are many books on foreign languages.

Charider and rider's travelogue are also found.

A scary but worrisome dark tourism feature.

A book that helps you become familiar with Japanese housing complexes.

It's full of books that make you want to reach out just because you like traveling. Even if it is not directly related to the journey, the excitement will not stop.

Travel and cats are not unrelated and have high affinity.

Special feature of Korean writers.

Not only commercial books but also doujinshi works were sold.

Cardboard boxes filled with used maps are treasure chests for some people.

There was even a free paper DACO (Dako) I saw in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. It is a paid sale, but free paper that can be immersed in memories of Thailand.

◆ Event
In addition to the usual bookstore operations, “Tabi no Honten no Mado” actively holds talk events by the author of the travel book. Keep an eye on the role of a place that connects reading and the place of the author.

A notice flyer for the event that was placed in the store.

My acquaintances and interested people also had events.

You can also study the owner's tweet during the event.

At this event, there was the following tweet. (Excerpt from some, not all tweets)

Speaking of Korea, grilled meat is famous, but the reason that Mongolia was influenced by it was a scale. When I traveled to Mongolia, it was even more so that the word for Mongolian cuisine was grilled meat .

Hideyuki Takano , Junko Uchizawa , Jinichi Kuramae , Yuji Shimokawa and the name of the signature colored paper on the shop are also amazing.

◆ Loot
I also bought '

Slightly relaxing in the weekend in Seoul ', ' New field lodging ', ' Vietnam sketch (free paper)'. Korea (Seoul) and Vietnam were candidates for my next trip.

The author of 'New Noshuku', Mr.

Aki Kato is the editor-in-chief of the travel comic magazine ' Nojuku Yarou '. Noyado Sentai Schluffman is born with the plan of that noyado bastard. That Shrafman's Red was Charida's friend. When I told the store owner about the nature of the purchase, she knew that Red had an event here. In the world of travelers, there are unexpected connections. Since the map of the world is blind , I also got a map of the Caribbean.

A bargain that allows you to see small countries at a glance.

He was a quiet but travel-loving shopkeeper. The conversations we had were 'Which country was recommended' and 'Which country are we aiming for next?' I talked about my journey as if by accident in a foreign land.

Travel lovers get a job surrounded by travel books. The shopkeeper realized 'living for what I like'. I work abroad as well as work. I was traveling in Russia (Vladivostok) in 2019 and Georgia in 2020. Ideal life from the end. However, even if you sell the same book, online shopping is dominant recently. The struggle of the shopkeeper is immeasurable.

However, you can buy books online, but if you come across a book other than the one you want, you may still be a bookstore. That coincidence may change fate. And if you have a favorite bookstore, buy a book there. Unless someone supports me, my favorite bookstore will disappear too soon.

If you are a travel enthusiast, be sure to visit the Travel Bookstore Mado. I also want to go buy a travel book.

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