Mozilla announces enhanced cooperation with Scroll, a subscription service that hides website advertisements

Mozilla announces partnership with

Scroll , a subscription service that hides ads on certain websites.

Firefox Better Web with Scroll

Before and after when Scroll is introduced: A website full of ads shows that ads are being wiped out. Eliminating all these ads will significantly improve loading speed.

Scroll is a subscription service that hides ads on 'partner sites' to which Scroll itself has signed a contract and disables tracking, and is different from so-called 'ad blockers'. The primary purpose of Scroll is to 'help partner sites earn money,' a system in which the more a subscriber visits a partner site, the greater the percentage of the distribution that can be obtained from the partner site.

On the official page of Scroll, `` The amount you can get a partner site by displaying an advertisement is $ 0.011 per time (about 1.22 yen), and the amount you get if you browse using Scroll is $ 0.016 per time (about 1.78 yen) And a 40% increase in revenue. ' 'The more revenue you earn from a website you visit, the more good your website will be,' Scroll claims.

At the time of the announcement, partner sites are mainly internet media such as The Verge , Bored Panda , and BuzzFeed News . Note that subscribing to Scroll does not mean that you have subscribed to the partner site, so you cannot browse 'paid articles' on the partner site.

On the official page, the benefits of subscribing to Scroll include: 'Some companies sell your data collected by tracking to companies that want to' influence your behavior. ' The data is used to make purchases, influence political beliefs, and manipulate the behavior itself '', and services such as Scroll are important to eliminate such problems It is emphasized that.

Scroll is $ 4.99 per month (about 550 yen), but you can subscribe for half the price of $ 2.49 per month (about 280 yen) for the first six months. At the time of announcement, the available area is the United States, and the browser is limited to Firefox for desktop. Also, it is possible to use Scroll and other ad blockers together by changing the settings on the ad blocker side.

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