I tried three new works such as 'Black Thunder Pretty Style Almond & Hazelnut' with crisp and fragrant almonds and hazelnuts in Black Thunder

Yuraku Seika's “ Black Thunder Pretty Style, ” which has a bite-sized texture of the black sander's crispy texture, and “ Almond & Hazelnut Pouch ” that uses two nuts, almond and hazelnut, from March 23, 2020 (Monday). Has appeared. From the same day, furthermore, `` Black Sander Uji Matcha '' using 100% Uji Matcha and `` Black Thunder Minibar Matcha Latte '' which produced the flavor of Matcha Latte with Uji Matcha Powder and White Choco appeared, so three types at once I ate it.

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Let's start with 'Black Thunder Pretty Style Almond & Hazelnut Pouch' (tax not included: 120 yen).

Looking at the raw materials column, 'almond' and 'hazelnut praline' were listed.

The calories are 242kcal per 44g per bag.

One bag contained eight black sanders. Since the bag has a zipper, it is convenient to store and carry without eating at once.

If you compare the size with a transportation IC card, you can see that it is small and easy to eat.

Before eating, I imagined the taste of ordinary almond chocolate, but when I actually ate it, the cocoa flavor characteristic of black sander and the roasted two kinds of nuts smell well match I understand. The crisp texture of the crushed almonds and hazelnuts inside adds an accent to the crunchy feel of Black Thunder.

Next, I will try 'Black Thunder Uji Matcha' (excluding tax 40 yen).

The package emphasized the use of Uji Matcha on the front, such as 'Mecha Raijin' and 'Inazuma Grade Order.'

Ingredients also say 'Matcha (Uji Matcha 100%)'.

The calorie is 125kcal per 23g.

Here is a comparison of the size with a transportation IC card.

Because only 100% Uji Matcha is used, the scent of Matcha is full-fledged, and you can feel the richness and refreshing bitterness of Matcha firmly. The sweetness was modest, and it was finished in a slightly adult black sander that combines a light, easy-to-eat crunchy texture with the double bitterness of matcha and chocolate.

The last one I ate was Black Thunder Minibar Matcha Latte.

When I opened the bag, there were 13 black sanders in a small bag.

In the column of raw materials, 'Matcha (Uji Matcha 100%)' is written like 'Black Sander Uji Matcha', but here 'White Chocolate Chip' is also included.

The calorie is 66kcal per 12g.

It looks like this when you put it on a plate and compare the size with a traffic IC card.

In the cut-in-half cross section, it was found that the chocolate made with matcha contained a slightly greenish white chocolate chip along with cocoa cookies and biscuits. When I tried it, just like `` Black Thunder Uji Matcha '', only 100% Uji Matcha was used and the scent of Matcha was standing, but thanks to the white chocolate it was mellow and the bitterness was also modest .

“Black Thunder Pretty Style Almond & Hazelnut”, “Black Thunder Uji Matcha” and “Black Thunder Minibar Matcha Latte” will be available at retail stores nationwide from March 23, 2020 (Monday).

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