What is the new coronavirus countermeasure of the extremist organization 'IS (Islamic State)'?

Multiple media reports that an Islamic extremist organization called 'IS (Islamic State)' has launched a new countermeasure against coronavirus in one of the newspapers distributed to its members.

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According to several foreign media, the latest issue of the Al Nava Newsletter, which is distributed by IS to its members, contained an infographic for preventing a new type of coronavirus infection.

According to reports, IS has been watching for new coronavirus infections since early 2020, and has been constantly alerting them. The Al Nava Newsletter, published in January, states that 'new viruses spread death and fear in China' and 'new viruses have panicked communist China'. Increasing Concerns 'and noted that' the World Health Organization (WHO) could be put into an emergency. '

`` Many Muslims immediately understood that the outbreak of the new coronavirus infection was an almighty God's punishment for China's suppression of Uyghurs, '' the Al Nava Newsletter in February said. It seems he was. In addition, the same month's official newspaper stated that `` Muslims should pray to Almighty God and avoid infected nations, as large-scale movements can promote the spread of illness and epidemics. '' It seems that people were warned to refrain from traveling to countries with new coronavirus infections.

In addition, IS states that 'the number of new coronavirus infections and deaths is many times the number reported,' 'China claims recovery and discharge of sick patients ... It is an effective way to reassure people and reduce catastrophic damage, 'he argues, with actual damage far exceeding the reported figures.

And in the latest issue of the Al Nava Newsletter, the other side of the story was an infographic against the new coronavirus. Here, the emphasis is on 'reliance on God and evacuation from illness' and 'protection from illness is an obligation', and 'healthy people should not enter infected countries. People suffering from a new type of coronavirus infection in the country should not get out of there. ' This suggests that an important non-pharmaceutical intervention approach to combating infectious diseases is recommended. At the time of writing, there was no report of a new type of coronavirus infection within the IS activities such as Syria and Yemen.

In addition, IS has stated that as a preventive measure against new-type coronavirus infections, `` close your mouth when yawning and sneezing, '' and `` use your hands carefully before use to prevent the virus from spreading in water bottles and containers. Washing is recommended.

In addition, WHO also states that the new coronavirus countermeasures are 'just wash hands using soap.'

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