`` The spread situation map of the new coronavirus infection is used for spreading malware, '' security experts point out

The new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in the epidemic of and asked the people interested in the world, ' map of epidemic situation can be seen at a glance of the new coronavirus ' also has appeared one after another. Meanwhile, security experts point out that 'maps showing the status of the new coronavirus infection are being used to spread malware.'

Live Coronavirus Map Used to Spread Malware — Krebs on Security

COVID-19, Info Stealer & the Map of Threats-Threat Analysis Report-Reason cyberSecurity

Russian cybercrime forums selling malware-sabotaged COVID-19 map

Cyber criminals are always paying attention to the latest topics in order to trick users. The new coronavirus, which is confusing people around the world, is no exception, said security expert

Brian Krebs , `` Cyber scammers infect computers with malware, so the world about the outbreak of the new coronavirus infection is on the rise. And began spreading real-time and accurate information about the overall infection rate. '

According to Krebs, malware has been developed and published by Johns Hopkins University in the U.S. at an interactive map that shows the real-time epidemic status of new coronavirus infections at a Russian cybercrime forum since late February 2020, according to Krebs. It is said that kits that can be used for crimes are sold. The following article explains what the map published by Johns Hopkins University is like.

A map `` Coronavirus 2020-nCoV '' that shows at a glance the momentum of the new coronavirus that spreads infection-gigazine

These maps are officially published and are not versions that have been loaded with malware by cybercriminals. However, Krebs warns that criminals could fool users by emailing similar maps or creating fake websites.

In forums where criminals gather, if the buyer has a JAVA code signing certificate $ 200 (about 21,000 yen), if you do not have a code signing certificate If you use it, it is sold for $ 700 (about 75,000 yen). Sellers commented on the forum: 'Maps are resizable and interactive and get real-time data from the World Health Organization (WHO) and other sources. And spread it to friends and spread it! '

The map is a type of malware called '

AZORult ' that steals information from victims' computers and sometimes downloads additional malware. Shai Alfasi, a researcher at Reason Labs who researches cybersecurity, said malware found in maps sold by hackers steals credit information, credit card numbers, cookies, browser-based confidential information, and sends information to servers. Discover that it has the ability to send. The malware specifically targets cryptocurrency wallets, Telegram desktop apps and Steam accounts.

Of security companies based in Switzerland ImmuniWeb Lia Kolochenko, who serves as the founder and CEO, the 'new coronavirus is fool the people of the panic in the global chaos and mayhem, great unprecedented at all It's an opportunity. ' He argued that public institutions need to implement a clear and centralized information delivery process to communicate all the events and precautions associated with the spread of the new coronavirus.

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