Headline news on March 16, 2020

The key visual of the ice show ' Sailor Moon Prism On Ice ', which will be held from Friday, June 5, 2020, has been released. In the ice show, Russian figure skater

Evgenia Medvedeva will play Tsukino Usagi. With the release of the key visual, general pre-ordering of tickets has started at Lawson Tickets.

'Sailor Moon Prism On Ice'

Sailor Moon Prism On Ice | LAWSON-TICKET [Lawson Ticket] Sports Ticket Information / Sales / Reservation

The whole key visual looks like the following. Sailor Mercury will be played by Tomoko Miyahara , Sailor Mars by Mirai Nagasu , Sailor Jupiter by Alyssa Shizney , Sailor Venus by Becky Bereswill , and Tuxedo Mask by Andrew Poget .

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