Burger King's largest chicken 'Deluxe Chicken Wapper' is a dish that can enjoy the multilayered taste of beef, crispy chicken and bacon

Burger King launched on March 6, 2020 the ' Deluxe Chicken Wapper ', which is made up of three types of meat: 100% open-fire grilled beef patties, crispy crispy chicken patties, and smoky bacon. The Deluxe Chicken Wapper is the largest menu offered by Burger King, so I really enjoyed its volume.

Over-fire grilled 100% beef with chicken and gut and juicy!


Arrived at Burger King.

This time, I ordered both the 'Deluxe Chicken Wapper' (940 yen including tax) and the one-size-smaller 'Deluxe Chicken Wapper Jr.' (740 yen including tax). Thick enough to be seen before opening the package.

This is what you opened.

The height side is almost the same as a transportation IC card.

The size of the buns of the Deluxe Chicken Wapper is larger than the transportation IC card.

When I put it on my hand, the Deluxe Chicken Wapper was almost completely invisible. The total weight is 440g and it is quite heavy.

So first, let's eat from this huge Deluxe Chicken Wapper.

Under the buns, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheddar cheese were overlapping. The sauce is ketchup and mayonnaise.

There is a total of 199g of crispy chicken patties and smoked bacon on top of the 100% beef patties that are grilled with the burger king pride.

Come on. The Deluxe Chicken Wapper is easy to hold for the size.

Although it is easy to hold, it has a height so it is hard to eat a little. When I actually ate it, I could feel the flavor of the beef patty gravy, the crispy feeling of crispy chicken, and the incense of bacon, and the flavor of the meat was exactly the same. The tomato, onion and lettuce and the richness of cheddar cheese are added to make the taste itself sharp. The seasoning was simple with ketchup and mayonnaise, but it enhanced the flavor and flavor of the three kinds of meat and vegetables.

Next time I will eat Deluxe Chicken Wapper Jr.

The ingredients are the same, but of course the size is modest, such as the number of sliced tomatoes has changed from two to one. The buns are smaller.

Hidden by Chris Peach, but also firmly sandwiched with 100% beef patties.

Although it is smaller than the Deluxe Chicken Wapper, Jr. also has enough volume.

The taste of Jr. was almost the same as that of Deluxe Chicken Wappa, but I felt that the taste of Crispy Chicken Patty was emphasized because of the different size ratio of ingredients. If you want to feel the taste of each ingredient in a well-balanced manner, not to mention the volume, it was an impression that the service would rise to the Deluxe Chicken Wapper.

'Deluxe Chicken Wapper' is available for a limited time at Burger King nationwide except for some stores. Please note that some stores do not offer breakfast during the breakfast hours (until 10:30).

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