Start-up company blamed for allegedly introducing `` non-existent human being created by AI '' as an engineer

A startup company Regium, which develops a fully automatic chess board for online matches, used images created by `` AI that creates non-existent human faces ' ' for employee face photos published on its official website I am shaking with doubts. In addition, it was pointed out that 'the product itself may not exist', and the project was stopped at Kickstarter, a crowdfunding site.

Update on REGIUM

Chess World Accuses Company of Inventing Fake Employees Using Online Human Generator-VICE

Regium claims to have developed a chess board that can operate the chess pieces on the board fully automatically by moving the electromagnet built into the board, and was seeking investment to commercialize it with Kickstarter . According to Regium, this board can be synchronized with a chess application that can play against the Internet, and it is an innovative item that allows you to physically perform chess operations originally on the PC screen thing. The demo movie released by Regium in December 2019 is as follows.

REGIUMAutomatic Chess e-Board-The Chess Revolution-YouTube

However, shortly after the Kickstarter page was released, various issues and inconsistencies were pointed out. Among them, the most problematic one was ' Isn't the photo of the member introduced as a development team a fake? '

On the 'About' page of Regium's official website, the portraits, names, and titles of the six main members of Regium were written. However, online chess competition site of and Chess24.Com , Lichess.Org does not actually exist six out of 4 employees of Regium, web site generated by the AI human image that does not exist in this world, 'This person does not exist ', he noted.

The following article explains what this person does not exist.

`` This person does not exist '' that can easily generate an image of a person that does not exist in this world with one touch-gigazine

Phil One, the creator of This person does not exist, told `` In my experience, face photographs attributed to Regium employees were generated by NVIDIA's hostile generation network. This is mainly due to the distortion around the glasses and the background. '

Regium then removed the About page from the official website. In response, and, which had planned to work with Regium's fully automatic chess board, announced that they had broken their sponsorship relationship with Regium.

The staff of is 'the operation of a fully automatic chess board in the above demo movie is stop motion animation and is likely to be those that have been created by the synthetic and' pointed out . revealed that the chess board that appears in the demo movie is a product of a long-established chess board manufacturer in Spain, which has no special partnership with Regium. Regium, on the other hand, explains that 'the demo movie simply looked bad, so it looks just like a composite video,' and publishes a disproving movie .

Kickstarter has suspended the Regium project following a series of upheaval.

REGIUMAutomatic Chess e-Board (Suspended) by HighTech Dynamics, Inc. — Kickstarter

According to Motherboard, an IT news site, Regium denied's allegations, but did not provide evidence of the existence of the development team or the product until the end. Regium said in an email to Motherboard, 'It's not worth mentioning issues about the team. Some people have come to say a variety of things, such as the chief technology officer is not an engineer or the team has no members. There is a conspiracy theory about the board and team members. 'Argued that the removal of the employee page was to protect employees and their families from conspiracy and intimidation.

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