What is the origin of the term 'WOMBO COMBO' in live commentary on fighting games?


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'WOMBO COMBO' is a net slang that is mainly used when a combo that is worth watching is decided in fighting games or MOBA . Inverse of overseas media explains the history of how the term 'WOMBO COMBO' was born and established.

Wombo Combo: How a little-known pizza order created an undying YouTube meme

According to Inverse, the net slang 'WOMBO COMBO' was born at the 'SCSA West Coast Circuit tournament' of the ' Super Smash Bros. Smash Brothers DX ' held on December 6, 2008. In the semi-finals of the loser tournament in the 2 to 2 team battle, SilentSpectre 's captain Falcon and Tang 's Fox showed the live play against `` keeping the other team's Fox from intact ''. The word “WOMBO COMBO” was issued by HomeMadeWaffles who was in charge.

The video of this match has been posted on YouTube with the title 'WOMBO COMBO !!!!' and can be viewed from the following. HomeMadeWaffles, who saw a super play where SilentSpectre's Falcon and Tang's Fox, who positioned the opposing team's Zhu 's Fox between them, slammed Zhu's Fox out of the field in a breathtaking cooperation play, Excited by the splendid beauty, you can see that she is screaming after saying 'WOMBO COMBO'.

WOMBO COMBO !!!!-YouTube

This video became so popular that it was played 16.8 million times at the time of article creation, and as a result, the term 'WOMBO COMBO' became known to the world. However, when asked the question 'What is the word' WOMBO COMBO 'in the first place?', Inverse explains that 'the pizza chain is the true origin'.

The pizza chain that originally coined the term 'WOMBO COMBO' was California-based Round Table Pizza . In early 2004, Round Table Pizza acquired the trademark 'WOMBO COMBO' and began offering pizzas of the same name. The following is 'WOMBO COMBO' on the Round Table Pizza official page. A pizza with red sauce on ingredients such as primopeparoni, Italian sausage, lingisa (Portuguese sausage), bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, artichokes and green onions.

It is a mystery why HomeMadeWaffles, who was from California and famous as a Fox user, said 'WOMBO COMBO'. However, Inverse wrote, 'WOMBO COMBO is famous, even if the reason was not disclosed.'

In March 2009, a movie combining the live sound of Mr. HomeMadeWaffles mentioned above with the image of the pudding that reciprocates the Pippi from the anime version of 'Pokémon' was posted on YouTube and gained popularity.

Jigglypuff: WOMBO COMBO !! 1-YouTube

According to Inverse, a movie boom combining completely different video and audio blew from 2011 to 2013, and in the meantime, many movies using the sound of 'WOMBO COMBO' appeared. This boom has expanded to the game genre called MOBA, such as League of Legends and Dota 2, and is used by WOMBO COMBO in situations such as eradicating enemies with teammates in brilliant cooperation. Has been started.

The “WOMBO COMBO” boom peaked from 2014 to 2015, and now you can see a large number of movies by searching for “WOMBO COMBO” on YouTube. This 'WOMBO COMBO' is also used in game genres called ' Auto Chess ' such as ' Team Fight Tactics ' that appeared around 2019.

Inverse says, `` WOMBO COMBO has become famous in multiple game genres, but the meaning of 'keeping the opponent brilliant' has not changed, so that the original Round Table Pizza remains the same. '' It is written.

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