Demonstration movie in which work in the warehouse progresses completely unmanned with the wheeled logistics robot 'Handle' that loads and unloads luggage with an amazing balance

OTTO Motors to develop a logistics technology such as automatic driving vehicles for transportation is, Kimoi and the topic of quadruped walking robot '

Spot ', ' SpotMini ' and Baku Chu possible humanoid robot ' Atlas of robot company to develop a' Boston In partnership with Dynamics, we announced that we will develop a system that can completely unmanned work in the warehouse, and we are releasing a concept demonstration demo in a movie.

Boston Dynamics Partners with OTTO Motors to Coordinate Mobile…

As a first step toward 'fully automating work in the warehouse,' OTTO Motors has released a proof-of-concept demonstration of actually performing inventory and transportation work using only robots.

Handle / OTTO Integration --YouTube

In the center of the large warehouse, there is a luggage rack with a code for recognition, and the self-driving car ' OTTO SDVs ' for transportation with the same code is running around it.

OTTO SDVs stop in front of the shelves. Then, the Boston Dynamics logistics robot '

Handle ' moves to the front of the shelf and lifts the cardboard box. The Handle can move smoothly using two wheels as a foot, but the balancer stabilizes the center of gravity, so even if you carry heavy luggage, it will not tip over.

And I piled it up on OTTO SDVs. Handle dexterously adjusts the position of the luggage so that it does not become unreadable due to the luggage overlapping the identification code affixed to the OTTO SDVs.

When Handle puts luggage, OTTO SDVs turn around.

In the empty space above the OTTO SDVs, Handle will load the unloaded items from the shelves again.

After loading the luggage, Handle quickly withdrew from the flow line of OTTO SDVs. And the OTTO SDVs with luggage started running again.

Kevin Blankispoor, Vice President of Product Engineering at Boston Dynamics, said, 'We have unveiled a proof-of-concept demonstration of heterogeneous robots building orders for logistics centers to provide a more flexible solution for automating warehouse operations. In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we will continue to expand the functions of Handle and optimize the cooperation with other robots such as OTTO 1500. '

Ryan Garyepy, CTO, co-founder of OTTO Motors, said, 'Partnerships with cutting-edge robot companies like Boston Dynamics are very exciting. Applying our technology as a leader in each field is a whole new field. It is possible to develop applications for. '

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