An e-sports match can not be continued and an incident occurs that can be settled with `` Janken ''

by Dick Thomas Johnson

In a game between professional players of the International Football Federation (FIFA) official soccer game `` FIFA 20 '' developed by Electronic Arts , it was impossible to continue the game due to a server connection error, so there was a situation where players decided to win or lose with a judge. Was.

EA makes pro FIFA players settle match with rock, paper, scissors-VG247

FIFA pro is “done” after server issues force Rock, Paper, Scissors decision | Ars Technica

The match in question was a qualifier for the official FIFA 20 World Tournament `` FUT Champions Cup, '' sponsored by Electronic Arts, with FIFA professional players Sean Gallea and Brandsha56 , as well as FIFA professional players Hassan19 is Hasan Eker. However, due to a failure in FIFA's server, Galea and Ecker could not match and could not start the game.

However, it was not proposed to `` postpone the game until the server was restored '', and Mr. Galea and Mr. Eker agreed to the agreement `` Janken to win or lose '', and Mr. Eker who won was the winner of the game. thing. In response to the qualifying failure in Janken, Galea posted a tweet saying 'I can't believe it!'

On the other hand, Mr. Eker tweeted, 'We went to the next round because we were able to win with Janken.' However, Mr. Eker has been eliminated in the next round.

FIFA described the case as 'a truly unusual situation' and explained that the reason for the victory or defeat with rock-paper-scissors was 'to prevent connectivity issues from being used as a competitive advantage.'

According to IT media Ars Technica, FIFA 20's (PDF file) qualifying tournament rules state that `` If a competitor loses connection to the server after 20 minutes from the start of the match, the tournament will give both competitors lost time. Assign and record what happened. 'It remains to be questioned whether the decision of the operating staff this time is legitimate.

In addition, Electronic Arts' servers are unstable, and online matches have been extended many times due to poor connection. Complaints have also been raised by FIFA professional players regarding the difficulty in conducting FIFA online matches. There are also many online cheat players, and professional player Tekkz or Donovan Hunt commented, 'FIFA 20 is not worth it at all. Anyone can win, even the bad guys can win.' You.

In addition, it seems that the game of Janken was such that after 'Aiko at par' continued three times, Mr. Galea who issued a goo lost to Mr. Eker who continued to play par.

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