I tried a `` Wendy's USA 3rd '' menu using chicken fillet loved in the real United States in Wendy

In home-style chicken that is loved by the hamburger the home of the United States, indispensable salsa of a kind in Mexican

guacamole combined tailoring of avocado paste 'Avocado BLT chicken burger USA' is, Wendy's, first, from February 27, 2020 Appearing on the kitchen menu. In addition, it is said that `` Fried Onion Cheese Melt Chicken Burger USA '' which has twice the amount of melted cheese from the limited time menu that appeared in December 2018 to the crunchy fried onion has been started, I tried it with the new side menu ' French Fries Chili & Guacamole '.

3rd Wendy's USA! American chicken burger series released! -Wendy's x First Kitchen

Arrive at Wendy's First Kitchen.

At the store, there is a sign that appeals to the appearance of the third 'Wendy's USA' that reproduces the American Wendy's recipe.

Immediately, 'Avocado BLT Chicken Burger USA' (630 yen including tax) and 'Fried Onion Cheese Melt Chicken Burger USA' (590 yen including tax) ...

Order 'French Fries Chili & Guacamole' (360 yen including tax) from the side menu.

First, let's eat from 'Avocado BLT Chicken Burger USA'.

This is the size compared to a transportation IC card.

When I removed the buns, the ingredients were tomato, lettuce, guacamole, bacon, cheese, chicken fillet.

From the crispy chicken fillet, juicy juicy meat juice jumps out. I felt that it was a burger that could enjoy a complex taste with a bite, such as smoked bacon smoked with apple tree chips, avocado body used for guacamole, and sourness of tomatoes.

Next, I will eat 'Fried Onion Cheese Melt Chicken Burger USA'.

The size looks like this.

The ingredients are fried onion, cheese and chicken fillet with a lot of melted cheese in a ring.

Grip the fried onion and chicken fillet that used beer-containing clothing, as in the home America, you can enjoy a crunchy crispy texture. The richness of the melted cheese added to the sweetness of the onions and the taste of the chicken while adding satisfaction.

'French fried chili & guacamole' has red chili sauce and green guacamole.

The size of the plate looks like this.

The combination of salty chili sauce, avocado-specific scent and richness is outstanding, and it is a side menu that makes you want to bring potatoes to your mouth one after another.

'Avocado BLT Chicken Burger USA', 'Fried Onion Cheese Melt Chicken Burger USA' and 'French Fried Chili & Guacamole' will be available at all Wendy's First Kitchen stores from February 27, 2020. Also, `` Chicken Filler Garger USA '' and `` Spicy Chicken Filler Garger USA '' which made the bun of `` Spicy Chicken Filler Garger '' which appeared in 2018 from the same day 1.1 times the size (both 490 yen including tax) also appeared .

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