I have eaten `` beef hamburger steak set meal '' at Matsuya using super coarse ground meat that spouts the taste of meat every time I bite

Matsuya has introduced a ' beef hamburger steak set meal ' that uses 200g of 'super coarse ground' beef hamburger with 100% beef hamburger and a special sauce that has been finished to taste the hamburger . Since it is said that soft-boiled fried eggs and simmered cheese can be topped, I actually added it and ate it.

'Super coarse ground' beef hamburg steak set meal newly released! | Matsuya Foods


That's why I came to Matsuya at once.

At the store, the beef hamburger steak set meal that I'm aiming for is showing off with a banner.

Beef hamburger steak set meal can add 3 kinds of toppings: fried egg, cheese, fried egg & cheese.

This time, I ordered the largest topping, 'Cheese egg beef hamburger steak set meal' (950 yen including tax).

In addition, since the rice was served free of charge until 10 am on March 10, 2020, the rice was also increased.

Cheese egg beef hamburger steak set meal was delivered in about 5 minutes.

This is a cheese egg hamburger steak. Fried egg sized to cover the hamburger.

The middle section looks like a hamburger steak, and the bottom section looks like cheese only, but also contains ingredients such as potatoes, onions, and carrots.

The beef hamburger steak set meal comes with rice, raw vegetables and miso soup as a set.

First of all, we decided to eat from a hamburger steak that Matsuya claims to be a gem of a spirit.

A hamburger with 'super coarse ground' beef is quite elastic.

Gravy overflowed from the cross section.

When I tried it, the slightly salty demiglace sauce was the best match with a hamburger spiced lightly. The hamburger, where the taste of the meat permeates each time it is chewed, is partly hard because it contains streaks and cartilage, but every time I chewed that hard part, I was satisfied that I was eating meat.

The fried egg with topping is mellow and soft-boiled, which also goes well with Demigrass sauce.

Cheese contains ingredients such as potatoes, and it is a taste that is likely to be established as a single item, but it will be a perfect match if you eat it with a hamburger.

'Beef hamburger steak set meal' can be eaten at Matsuya nationwide except some stores from February 25, 2020.

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