Twitch announces extension to make it easier to understand the live status of `` League of Legends ''

The most played online game in the world,

League of Legends, is a popular title with over 100 million players and an official e-sports tournament with over 100 million viewers. Because the rules of such a league of legends are complicated, beginners are confused about where to look on the game screen and how. That's why Twitch, which specializes in live broadcast of games, has released an extension to make gameplay easier to understand.

Live Tracker Extension for League of Legends: Get Live and On-Demand Stats for League Matches-Twitch

League of Legends is a game where you select one of 145 champions with five abilities and use 63 runes, 9 summoner spells, and over 100 items to fight. This is a game in which these are strategically combined, so there are more than 40 billion combinations of teams available to players in the League of Legends.

What kind of game is the popular game 'League of Legends' played by 100 million people in the world? -GIGAZINE

League of Legends live broadcasts are one of the most popular content on Twitch, so advanced gameplay is easy to watch online. However, it is very difficult to master the rules of the League of Legends perfectly. Therefore, Twitch has released an extension to help beginners and leagues of legends who want to improve their skills to better understand the gameplay being distributed.

The extension is called 'League of Legends Live Tracker'.

League of Legends Live Tracker-extensions-Twitch

According to Twitch, League of Legends Live Tracker is an extension that facilitates real-time interaction between broadcasters, viewers, and games, allowing viewers to access `` unprecedented '' stats on broadcasters' gameplay It will be possible. To enable the extension, the broadcaster must allow League of Legends Live Tracker on their channel. Then, the viewer can check the scoreboard, summoner (player) statistics, match history, etc. at the time of game play.

When you install League of Legends Live Tracker, you will be able to access four tabs on the distribution screen: Summoner, Scoreboard, Build, and History. The information that can be checked on each tab is as follows.

◆ Summoner
The Summoner tab allows you to check all summoners in the game and check key stats such as kills / deaths / assist. You can also check the win rate throughout the season and the champions used by the summoners during the match, and viewers can see the total kills and creep scores of the team during the match.

◆ Scoreboard
On the scoreboard tab, you can check the leaderboard in the league of legends. In this tab you can easily see all the champions in the game and their roles. Kill / death / assist and visibility scores for all champions are also displayed. In addition, viewers can check information such as active runes and items purchased.

◆ Build
The Build tab is where you can see how broadcasters are upgrading their characters during a match. Viewers can check which champion spell abilities are used by the broadcaster, and in what order they were upgraded. In addition, viewers can check the runes used by the broadcaster and purchased items in a timeline format.

◆ History
The History tab allows viewers to see a summary of the broadcaster's last five games. You can also check the match result, the champion used, purchased items, kill / death / assist / creep score, gold earned, visibility score, etc.

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