I tried two kinds of real taiyaki such as `` Croissant Taiyaki Amaou '' filled with sweet and sour strawberry cream and chocolate on crispy croissant dough

' Croissant Taiyaki Amaou, ' a croissant dough with strawberry cream and white chocolate, has been featured in 'Gin no An' since Thursday, February 20, 2020. Strawberries with croissant dough fully kneaded with strawberry flesh and cream using Amaou strawberry from Fukuoka Prefecture I was worried about what kind of taste it was like, so I was worried about what kind of taste it was, so at the same time I came up with `` thin skinned yaki black sesame dumpling '' I actually ate it with

Thin skin taiyaki silver bean official website


Arrived at silver bean.

Immediately, I purchased 'Croissant Taiyaki Amaou' (280 yen including tax) and 'Thick skin Taiyaki Black Sesame Dango' (180 yen including tax). Because the contents are thick, the wrapping paper of 'Thin-skin Taiyaki Black Sesame Dango' looks thicker.

When you open the wrapping paper, the scent of strawberries comes from the warm roast. The croissant taiyaki is characterized by its croissant dough 'ears' and a square shape.

This is how it looks when compared to a transportation IC card.

The croissant dough has a crisp texture outside and the croissant dough with a rich texture is fully kneaded with strawberry pulp, so you can enjoy the rich aroma of strawberries without reaching the contents.

The strawberry cream contained white chocolate, and the sweetness of the strawberry and the richness of the white chocolate were outstanding.

Next, let's eat 'Thin-skin Taiyaki Black Sesame Dango'. Just because the skin is thin, black sesame seeds can be seen through the dough.

The size of the taiyaki is slightly smaller than the croissant taiyaki.

When broken, it looks like this, with white balls in black black sesame beans.

From there, I felt the fragrance unique to black sesame and the elegant sweetness. The dough has a crispy texture at the thin part and a crispy texture at the edges, and the sticky texture of the white balls that accompany it is a good accent.

'Croissant Taiyaki Amaou' and 'Thin-skin Taiyaki Black Sesame Dango' are available for purchase for a limited time from Thursday, February 20, 2020 at silver Anno stores nationwide .

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