How to enjoy 4K resolution video at 60Hz refresh rate at low cost?



The higher the refresh rate , which is one of the factors that determine the image quality of games and movies, the smoother the video. However, the higher the resolution, the more difficult it is to maintain a high refresh rate, and sometimes expensive equipment is required. Russell Coker, who runs the Linux-related information site etbe , is devising a way to enjoy 4K resolution video at a low price while maintaining a 60 Hz refresh rate.

DisplayPort and 4K – etbe – Russell Coker

HDMI version 1.3–1.4b , released in June 2006, only supports up to 30Hz refresh rate at 4K resolution by default. To achieve 4K resolution at 60Hz refresh rate without information compression, the graphics board and monitor must support HDMI 2.0 or higher. Also, special HDMI cables such as ' Premium High Speed HDMI Cable ' and ' Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable ' are required.

However, according to Koker, by applying the 4: 2: 0 format of chroma subsampling, which compresses the amount of video information by thinning out color information, it is possible to achieve a refresh rate of 60 Hz or more even with HDMI 1.3-1.4 b. That.

In the area where Mr. Coker lives, the `` High Speed '' HDMI cable is $ 3.98 (about 440 yen), `` Premium High Speed '' is $ 19.88 (about 2200 yen), `` Ultra High Speed '' is $ 39.78 (about 4400 yen) Before purchasing expensive cables, it makes sense to first consider whether a `` high-speed '' HDMI cable, especially a short cable that is less susceptible to noise, can be substituted for an expensive cable. It says.

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In a test conducted by Koker, it was possible to achieve a 60Hz refresh rate at 4K resolution with an inexpensive high-speed HDMI cable by properly combining the monitor, graphic board and OS. The system devised by Mr. Koker seems to be able to achieve 4K resolution and 60 Hz refresh rate on Windows 10 by using Samsung 4K compatible monitor and NVIDIA GT630 graphic board after applying chroma subsampling. .

In addition, Mr. Koker tried using NVIDIA GT630 on Linux to see if a 4K resolution / 60 Hz refresh rate can be realized, and because the system crashed, `` Recommended for Windows but not for Linux '' Says Corker.

In the case of Linux OS, 4K resolution and 60Hz refresh rate were achieved by using DisplayPort instead of HDMI cable. As for DisplayPort, DisplayPort 1.2-1.2a released in January 2010 supports refresh rates of 4K resolution and 60Hz or more.

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