Anime `` Heterogeneous Reviewers '' will be canceled on Sun TV following TOKYO MX

It has been

announced that the anime ' Heterogeneous Reviewers ' broadcast from January 2020 has been discontinued on TOKYO MX, and has also been discontinued on Sun TV .

The official website of Sun TV has also published a document that will end broadcasting on the 5th episode of the February 12 (Wed) broadcast.

Discontinuation of 'Heterogeneous Reviewers' broadcast

In TOKYO MX, the vacant program slot was replaced by a voyage, but in the case of Sun TV, closing was advanced 30 minutes because it was the last broadcast slot of the day.

Due to the suspension of broadcasting on Sun TV, only KBS Kyoto will broadcast on terrestrial broadcasting stations. In addition, KBS Kyoto broadcasts every Sunday from 26:10, and on February 16 (Sunday) already the sixth episode `` Golem is very enjoyable if you can make an ideal girl, but the sense is questioned, and the model is ballet Will Owisp's shop has a fantastic parade of light, a dream garden. '

TV animation `` Heterogeneous Reviewers '' Episode 6 notice-YouTube

The seventh episode is 'Old men's eyes are empty at the spawning show! I will show you the secret of Maidley! And finally announced! Succubus popular vote!' Is the oviposition show okay?

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