Imuraya's Chinese bun + Morinaga's hot cake = 'Hot cake bun' birth, lentin and tried

Speaking of Chinese buns, 'Imuraya' has been producing various bizarre Chinese bun series here and there. This time, ' Hot Cake Man ' was jointly developed with that famous

Morinaga Hot Cake Mix . A new product in which fluffy syrup overflows from fluffy dough just by chining in the microwave. Although it is a first-class product for naming and ideas, I decided to try it immediately to see what it really was.

Imuraya Co., Ltd. and Morinaga Confectionery Co., Ltd. release a dream collaboration product! Guidance of 2 Cakes with Hot Cake | News Release | Imuraya Co., Ltd.

This is the “Hot Cake Man” package.

As you can see from the fact that Imuraya comes first and Morinaga comes later, the stance that leads the collaboration is Imuraya. Because it is not refrigerated but refrigerated, I usually bought it at a nearby supermarket.

Looking at the raw materials, it is very basic, such as `` sugar '' not sweeteners that are not well understood, `` milk '' instead of skim milk powder, `` maple syrup '' because of hot cakes, `` chicken eggs '' not liquid eggs It has become an orthodox raw material. The 'normal' feeling here is truly Imuraya. I'm doing it right.

The calories are 193kcal per 65g.

One package contains two hot cake buns.

The diameter of the hot cake bun is almost the same size as the long side of the transportation IC card.

It's not as heavy as 551 pork buns , but rather like a piece of Yamazaki bread with 4 mini Hokkaido cheese steamed cakes. It is about the size of the palm.

It is small when viewed from above, but relatively thick when viewed from the side, creating an atmosphere of 'something inside.'

If it is a normal meat-based system, it is supposed to chin with the automatic function of the microwave oven, but I will try it with the official cooking method described on the back of the package. First, put the hot cake on the wrap. The approximate size of the wrap is 30cm x 30cm.

Wrap the hot cake in wraps ...

Close in a bag.

At this time, it is important to create a space above the hot cake bun.

Heat the hot cake wrapped in plastic wrap in a microwave. The cooking time is 30 seconds for 500W for one piece and 20 seconds for 600W. This time it was heated at 500W for 30 seconds.

After heating, remove from the microwave and steam for 1-2 minutes with wrap.

The hot cake bun that has been cooked looks like this. There is no change in appearance compared to before cooking, but the fragrance of the syrup is drifting.

Cut in half and look inside, the syrup melts. This syrup is

Morinaga cake syrup with Canadian maple syrup. In short, a proof that Imuraya has pursued the hot cake flavor.

When I ate it, the dough using eggs and milk was fluffy, and it was much closer to a hot cake than dough such as meatballs. Syrup with buttery flavor was combined there, and it was just like a hot cake.

In addition, if the steaming time is shortened, the fluffy degree of the dough may decrease, so we recommend that you wait for steaming carefully while suppressing your feelings.

It was also officially recommended to arrange the hot cake bun with a little addition. A hot cake bun with butter and honey actually looks like this, making it a very deluxe dessert.

The suggested retail price of the hot cake bun is 300 yen excluding tax. It can be purchased at supermarkets nationwide except for the Hokkaido and Kyushu regions.

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