I've seen a lot of figures lined up in the 'adult zone' that refuses to be under 18 years old


Wonder Festival 2020 [Winter], there is an adult corner that is 'no entry under the age of 18' in both commercial and general booths. What's on the other side of age verification and curtains? So, I've actually seen a lot of figures for adults.

If you are under 18 years old, please enjoy other general items of Wonder Festival 2019 [Winter].

First, let's take a look at the beauty of modeling in the erotic figure maker ' Native'. The native booth is completely enclosed like this, and age confirmation is done in front of the curtain.

I entered the first eye enters into the booth

IshiMegumi prototype teacher illustrations of Mr. Nyaba those obtained by three-dimensional by Mr.. Both the release date and price are undecided.

This is the state of the illustration. The touch etc. are slightly different, but the soft texture was reproduced as it is.

The facial expressions are as shown in the illustration.

Then Hachitakara備仁prototype teacher san illustration of Rezuri. It was made into a three-dimensional figure by Mr. Zero Six.

The original story is '

Bishoujo Mangekori and the Girl in the Labyrinth '. The illustration is in the background, but this time you can see that the hairstyle and costumes are quite arranged.

The lines are thin and delicate.

Seen from behind, it looks like this.

Sawa of 'Love Me Tender' by Mr. Fujimaru is three-dimensionalized by BINDing.

The original illustration looks like this.

The pose and facial expressions were completely reproduced.

The AE86 of the adult game 'Maitetsu' is sexy and three-dimensional.

BINDing is three-dimensionalizing

cura's illustration.

The skin is glimpsed from the fluffy apron.

This is the original illustration.

The illustration 'Miko Kurokawa' by

Ashito Oyari was made into a three-dimensional figure by Grizzly Panda.

If you compare it with the illustration behind it, you can see that the pose etc. are faithfully reproduced.

Cute from the front and from the back.


Tony 's 'Usami Mio' is also three-dimensionalized by BINDing.

It's uncolored, but it doesn't hurt anymore.

It's a bunny style.

'Yui Nitta' from the native magical girl series. The illustration is Mr. RAITA, and the prototype teacher is Mr.

Weeping willow.

'Claire' by manga artist

Yuka Nakajima is also three-dimensional. The prototype teacher is BINDing.

Hold the chain of collars in your hand and smile.

On the other hand, the illustration looked a little uneasy.

Mr. Hotenji 's illustration 'Bastet Casino Ver. (Tentative)' is ...

Three-dimensional like this. The prototype teacher is BINDing.

Furthermore, the illustration of 'Ultramarine noise ' May Minase by KEY who has a dazzling sunburn in school swimsuit is ...

The clear sunburn marks are also expressed in 3D.

Brynhildr , the 'device of innocence' by Mochi, is three-dimensionalized by Grizzly Panda.

A lively look.

The back is sexy.

Mataro 's original illustration 'Summer Memories' is ...

Three-dimensional like this by makoto.

The original illustration 'Yanyo Original Character Rumor' by Yanyo is ...

It's a little difficult to understand if it's uncolored, but it's more exposed and three-dimensional.

Ito Life 's 'Cheer sister (provisional)' is ...

It is three-dimensionalized by the prototype master,


In addition, a dog appears from

'Togainu no Chi'. The prototype teacher is MIN (rice ball).

'Laura Mischief' by Mr. Hotenji. The illustration looks like this.

When it comes to 3D, there are more than just more. The prototype teacher is a

hermit crab .

'Christmas ☆ Bunny' by Mataro is ...

The illustration is three-dimensional as it is.

The lower body looks like this. The prices and release dates of all the items up to this point have not been decided, but Christmas ☆ Bunny is already

accepting reservations at the native store . The price is 18,000 yen excluding tax.

Also, I went there because there are adult booths not only in commercial booths but also in general booths.

'No entry area under 18 years old' is displayed in large size. From here onward, you cannot enter without a driver's license or health insurance card.

So I actually went in. 8-11-02 '

Cobra meeting is to' cartoonist now Zon 's of Twitter, 'the header of the girl' had been three-dimensional. The price is 10,000 yen.

The header illustrations , such as sunburn marks and flesh, are reproduced in detail.

Seen from the side, it looks like this.

8-10-06 In '

HDF ', the bust of Fine of 'Senki Zessho Symphogear' was found on a 1/8 scale.

8-10-07 'JUNK LAND in Yuko Tanaka' from '

Hanahata to Bishoujo ' in 'Okayama Figure Engineering'

I found a booth decorated with 'Fapta Boobs OK Certificate' by Akihito Tsukushi, the creator of '

Made in Abyss'.

So this is the fapter. 8-08-05 It is a modeling by

'R17?'. The price is 15,000 yen.

The back view looks like this.

8-08-06 'Queen Manafise Mode' of 'Suomarai Suttu'

, the prototype teacher is Aki Elephant , and the price is 8000 yen.

8-05-05 illustrator was apparent in the 'Sonic Boom'

St. girl draw down full of Mr. 'STARLESS' Yuna Mitarai is that of it's handling of only 25 bodies of the venue limited.

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