Characters from SAO Alicization edition such as Asuna in Kyo Yuzen figure with feathers and kimono are made into figures

Sword Art Online is a popular novel published over 22 million copies , and its alicization edition has been animated in all three parts since autumn 2018. The third part is scheduled to be aired in the spring of 2020, and as long as we can't wait for the completion, Asuna in various forms are appearing at the venue of Wonder Festival 2020 [Winter] .

I came to the ANIPLEX + booth.

What is displayed in that corner is ...


is Asuna wearing Kyo Yuzen .

The kimono is designed by a person who has the qualification of '

Traditional Craftsman '. Not only the characters but also the kimono are gorgeous and beautiful.

In addition to flower hair ornaments, it was exhibited with the blue wings that are characteristic of Windine spread out.

Illustrations drawn by

A-1 Pictures , which are exclusive to ANIPLEX +, are also on display. High-quality art printing technology called Chara Fine Graph (a wide color gamut and gloss uniformity with 12-color ink developed by Canon, improved black density, high-definition and high-quality digital image technology with 5 black inks) is used. It is said that.

This figure is a made-to-order product at 15,800 yen including tax, and

reservation is until 24:00 on Sunday, February 9, 2020. The scale is 1/7 scale, and it is sold as a painted finished product of ABS and PVC. The prototype production is Otakumito, the production cooperation is chiaki, and the coloring production is Katsumura Murakawa.

At the same booth, the Asuna version of 'Genesis God Stacia' that was in production was also on display.

◆ Bell Fine

Bell fine 'in the booth Yuki tomorrow Nana Swimsuit Ver. Clan Knights of color ' had been exhibited. It is a 1 / 7th scale PVC painted finished product, and it was sold at 12,500 yen for tax at 12,500 yen including tax. The prototype production is Hojun Otoyama, and the color production is Hiroto Tanimoto.

The pedestal is imitated by cool water.

Next to

me was ' Naoki Kirigaya Swimsuit Ver. Fairy Dance Color '.

◆ SEGA Interactive

At the Sega booth, the figures that were scheduled to appear as prizes at the game center were on display.

'Asuna Ex chronicle Ver.'

Prototype production is occhi, and it is scheduled to appear in game centers nationwide in May 2020.

'Yuki EX Chronicle Ver.'

The prototype production is kyo-he-. It will be available in June 2020.

'Leafa Chronicle Ver.'

The prototype production is Ctrl Z, and it is scheduled to appear in August 2020.

'Alice Ex chronicle Ver.'

Prototype production is CtrlZ. Appearance is scheduled for July 2020.

'Kirito' and 'Eugeo' were also lined up.

Kirito's prototype production is kyo-he-, and it is scheduled to appear in game centers nationwide in February 2020.

Eugeo's prototype production is occhi. This is scheduled to appear in March 2020.

◆ eStream
In addition, at the

eStream booth, 'Alice', which is in production, was exhibited. The prototype and coloring on 1/7 scale are with Design Coco Co., Ltd. The official name and price have not been decided.

At the same booth, there is also a temporary name, '

Yuki Asuna '. Like Alice, this is also a 1/7 scale prototype and coloring by Design Coco.

The appearance time is unknown, but the costume and wings were made, and it was a long-awaited finish.

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