From the hit movie 'Promare' comes a figure of Rio with a burning flame in the background and Garo with a fire-extinguishing soul.

Characters that have fascinated many people have appeared at the venue of

Wonder Festival 2020 [Winter] , both commercial and general, from the completely original theatrical animation ' Promare ' produced by TRIGGER and surpassing 1.2 billion yen in revenue .

The booth of the hobby maker Kotobukiya is decorated with a poster of Rio Fotia, one of the main characters of 'Promare' and the boss of the radical burnish group Mad Burnish.

Below the poster is Rio standing in a burning varnish flare with melamella. The prototype was designed by

Akiko Ninomiya , and is supervised by Shigeto Koyama , who was a character designer at Promare.

Hold a varnish flare in your left hand ...

Eyes with a strong will are looking forward.

The combination of thin waist and legs that give a neutral image and riders with a rugged design makes you feel mysterious charisma.

Kotobukiya's 'Rio Fortia' figure has a total height of 247 mm including the pedestal. At the time of writing the article, reservations are being accepted at the Kotobukiya shop, the price is 12,980 yen (tax included), and the release month is June 2020. It is said that it can be purchased reliably by reservation until February 12, 2020 (Wednesday), and facial expression change parts will be available only to purchasers.

Kotobukiya Online Shop Rio Fortia: Figure

Also, at the booth of FuRyu Co. , Ltd., one of the main characters, Galo Thymos, a new member of Burning Rescue, Aina Al David , a member of Burning Rescue, and Kray Foresight , who is the governor of the Autonomous Republic Promepolis, The 'Hooking Figure' was on display. The three hooked figures are prizes for crane games, and will be available at amusement facilities nationwide from the end of April 2020.

Also, in addition to Rio, two of Mad Burnish's executives,

Gera and Mace , were all in the form of a hooked figure.

Rio of 'Noodle Stopper Figure' is also a prize for crane games, and is scheduled to appear at amusement facilities nationwide from the end of September 2020. This way of sitting, which left a particularly strong impression even in the early scenes, may certainly be a perfect stopper.

Also, next to it is a gallo of the same 'Noodle Stopper Figure'. This is also a prize for crane games and is scheduled to appear in late August 2020.

At the

Good Smile Company booth, you can see Garo, a figma of the action figure series.

With his arms folded and a dignified expression on his face, he feels the burning soul of the fire extinguisher.

Promare figures are appearing not only in commercial booths but also in general booths. At the ' CROSSOVER! ' Booth, there was a Rio figure on display, sitting down as if sitting on a throne, poking a cheek stick and laughing invincibly.

The smooth hair fluttering in the wind accentuates the beauty of Rio.

Behind it is a burning varnish flare, and at your feet there are stones that shine like a flame, and you can feel the commitment to the exhibition method.

At the ' bbdd ' booth, you can see Clay as a reliable commander of Promepolis. But next to that ...

The appearance of clay that gives off an unusual atmosphere from the appearance as a commander.

He opens his normally closed eyes and looks into his evil will. The prototype teacher is

Mirai .

At the ' Daisy Bell ' booth, Rio was on display with a stylish atmosphere. The prototype teacher is

KaNA .

A strong-willed personality oozes out from his crisp mouth and sharp eyes.

Rio figures were also exhibited at the ' Keima ' booth. The legs and arms are wrapped in burnish armor ...

The varnish flare is gently pulled to the mouth.

At the '

SALAMI ' booth, SD character-like 'Garo and Rio' figures were on display.

The prototype teacher is Mr.

Noramura , and Mr. Shigeto Koyama, who was the character designer of Promare, is also participating under the supervision.

Features such as a hairstyle that hits the top of Garo and crisp eyebrows are firmly captured.

Rio has a gentle look, but has a mellow burnish flare on his right hand.

At the 'One Day Shop' booth, figures of Rio and Garo with their fists facing each other were on display. The prototype teacher is

Hideto Onuma .

Rio's expression with a strong will inside while having a cool expression.

Garo, on the other hand, was sticking out his fist with an innocent smile.

Also, in the same booth, Mace and Gera, who are the executives of Mad Burnish, are also seen.

With a calm atmosphere of mace ...

The hot image of Gera was burning the burnish flare respectively.

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