The ruthless murder machine of the first terminator appears as a three-dimensional figure.

A 1 / 2-scale

terminator has appeared at the Wonder Festival 2020 [Winter] venue, which will open on February 9, 2020 . It is said that the original ruthless murder machine, which is different from the ally's T-800 appearing after the movie ' Terminator 2 ', is three-dimensionalized with complete reproduction, so I immediately took a look.

Prime 1 Studio Online Store

When I arrived at the commercial booth, I first visited the booth of Prime 1 Studio.

As I progressed through the booth, I got into a rider's jacket, and a half-scale

T-800 terminator with an assault rifle AR-18 welcomed me.


Spass 12 shotgun is carried on the shoulder, and the scene of the police station attack in the play is reproduced as it is.

Hairline using artificial hair and ...

The texture of living tissue such as jaws with a slight whiskers, reproduced using silicon, is indeed a model for assassination of Skynet.

The thick chest plate has fresh bullet holes. The hole in the rider's jacket looked just like the original movie.

The T-800 Terminator DX version, which is 117 cm high x 47.7 cm wide x 73.2 cm deep and weighs 24.3 kg, costs 329,900 yen and is scheduled to be shipped from January 2021 to April 2021.

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