Trainers & Pokemon Bonds The Pokémon series of figures revives the thrilling excitement of a group of Pokemon and Pokemon

The series' latest

title, Pokemon Sword Shield, has also been a big hit, and the exciting Pokémon series is becoming popular not only for its lovely and robust Pokemon, but also for its beautiful and cool Pokemon trainer characters. Even at One Festival 2020 [Winter] , there were figures with a large group of Pokemon and those with a trainer and a partner Pokemon.

Wonder Festival 2020 [Winter] | Wonder Festival

What I found at the MegaHouse booth was ' GEMEX series Pokemon Ghost type large collection! ' It is scheduled to be released in late July 2020, and the price is 11,000 yen excluding tax.

Surprise box pop! There is a feeling of openness.

Jupita is a Pokemon with a grudge on a stuffed animal.

Muuma surprises people and absorbs life energy.

A chandelier that swirls the flames that suck your soul.

Gengar, the master of the Ghost Corps.

Mimikyu, an unidentified Pokemon wearing a Pikachu skin.

Ghost-type Pokemon who have a cute appearance but have a quirky appearance. If you meet, there's no one to meet.

In addition, the prototype of the '

GEMEX series Pokemon Denki type electric power! ', Which was a large collection of Denki type Pokemon from the same series, was also on display. The price and release month are undecided.

Pikachu is indispensable when it comes to electric types. I have a crisp electric discharge from my electric bag on my cheek.

The coil that loves electricity absorbs electric shock.

Mainan (left) and Plasle (right) drawn like twins.

Denryu watches over small Pokemon who play like a mother like they burst. Focusing on the shiny tail ...

Dedenne was a little stuck together.

Trainer characters have also been released from the GEMEX series. 'Mao & Amamaiko' is a cute combination that serves as the restaurant's poster girl in the anime '

Pokemon Sun & Moon '.

Mao is a cheerful girl who specializes in cooking and cooking.

My buddy, Amamaiko, is a Pokemon that has evolved with Amakoji since I was little. He also worked as a waitress in the cafeteria.

At the Kotobukiya booth, there was a combination figure that felt the bond between the trainer and Pokemon.

The latest work from Kotobukiya's figure series, 'ARTFX J Red with Charmander,' recreates a beginner trainer on an adventure. It is scheduled to be released in 2020, and the price is undecided.

I can't see the color of anxiety, saying, 'There is nothing scary with a partner.'

Even small lizards feel somewhat reliable.


Pokemon Center Original Figure Fuuro & Suvarna ' is a tag of Fuuro who appeared as a gym type gym leader in 'Pokemon Black and White' and his partner Shiratori Pokemon Suvarna. Because it is made-to-order, reservations are required until February 21, 2020, and it is possible to make reservations from Pokemon Center Online or Amazon . The price is 13,200 yen including tax.

Fuuro, also known as 'Ozora no Butobi Girl', is a lively and bright character.

Suvarna, whose backs are matched to protect such a Furo, is exactly the style of a partner.

Similarly, from 'Pokemon Black and White', the electric type Jim leader Kamitsure and his partner Emonga have become the '

Pokemon Center Original Figure Chamomile & Emonga '. The ordering period has ended at the time of article creation, and it is scheduled to be shipped from the end of March 2020.

A chamomile wearing fashionable costumes and an emonga on the shoulder.

In addition to the gym leader, Chamomile also works as a model, with outstanding proportions.


ARTFX J Iwork VS Pikachu ' is a product that reminds you of the famous battle of anime. Scheduled to be released around July 2020, the price is undecided.

Ework, who looks down on a small opponent, is dignified and suitable for the first barrier.

Pikachu is also a brave expression without fear.

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