`` Iron Glory '' made by Megabots who fought with the giant robot `` Kuratas '' that people ride and steer appears on 1/35 scale

In the past, at the Wonder Festival, the

giant robo 'Kuratas' that people can ride on was unveiled . After that, Kuratas competed 1vs1 with a robot made by Megabots based on a similar concept overseas, but in Wonder Festival 2020 [Winter] , this MEGABOTS robot ' Iron Glory ' A scale model with a 3D printer output at 1/35 size was exhibited.

7-30-10 ' Issima sign dust Ryi ' exhibition stand in the imposing of 1/35 scale represents the appearance of 'MEGABOTS mkII Iron Glory' (20,000 yen).

Since it is a robot that can be ridden by humans like Kuratas, it looks like this compared to a 1/35 scale human.

During the actual robot battle, the 20 rocket launchers equipped in the upper left were not used because Kuratas defeated Iron Glory with a dash punch immediately after the start.

Megabots, the manufacturer, went bankrupt in September 2019 after the battle. Iron Glory's next aircraft, the 'mkIII Eagle Prime,' was auctioned off on eBay.

MegaBots, which realized Japan-US giant Robo Battle, went bankrupt, Eagle Prime fought with Kuratas to sell on eBay-gigazine

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