Fiat 500 that Lupine and dimension rode in `` Cagliostro's Castle '' appeared in the real world

The 'Cream Yellow

Fiat 500 ', a car that Lupine and the plane ride on at the still popular ' Lupine the Third Castle of Cagliostro ', will appear at Wonder Festival 2020 [Winter] . The surrounding area was Cagliostro's Castle World.

At the corner of the Reactors Gear & Fairy Field booth, where a full-size IV Panzer and a 3/4 scale Mark IV tank line up ...

In the castle of Cagliostro, there were the cream yellow Fiat 500s that Lupine and the plane were riding around.

The number is 'R-33' and Lupine's car. Dirt on the body may be due to repeated car chase and

grenade attacks .

Luggage loaded on the back of the bonnet is still the castle of Cagliostro.

The driver's seat looks like this.

Lupine and dimension also appeared at the venue. The

plane was carrying the Simonov PTRS 1941 used in the final battle of Cagliostro's castle .

Lupine was on the yellow Fiat 500 even in the TV anime version Lupine III , which aired in 2015. The reason why Lupine's car is FIAT 500 is that drawing director Yasuo Otsuka loved this car. Read the following article to understand Yasuo Otsuka's affection for the Fiat 500.

Introduction of the owner ~ 'Lupin the Third' drawing director talks about secrets with his partner FIAT 500 | fiat magazine CIAO!

It is said that Yasuo Otsuka came to Wonder Festival 2020 [Winter] and left his signature on the Fiat 500.

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