From 'Interspecies Reviewers' comes a figure of a fairy receptionist who measures a man's degree with 'Example thing'

The anime 'Interspecies Reviewers ', which is scheduled to be broadcast on TOKYO MX, has become an unusual ' cancelled due to organizational reasons ' and is becoming a legend even during the broadcast period. From the second episode of such an anime, Aloe, the receptionist of a fairy specialty store, is appearing at Wonder Festival 2020 [Winter] , so I actually went to see it.

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At the KADOKAWA Dengeki Hobby Web booth, the corner of the anime 'Interspecies Reviewers' created a conspicuous and suspicious atmosphere.

Aloe, the receptionist of a fairy specialty store, was sitting at the counter where the reception tag was placed.

The cigarette is smoldering while having a downer look that is far from the image of an innocent fairy.

The slightly broken feathers also create a sloppy atmosphere.

Seen from the front, I was in trouble with my eyes because of my hailless appearance and posture.

Fairies with a small body have restrictions on the customers they can deal with .... So, during the work, a 'monosashi' that measures the size of the customers has appeared, but at the venue, the real thing is There will be a distribution event where you can get it. A cosplay photo session by cosplayer

Mitsunori Ringo is also planned.

'Aloe Original Figure' can be obtained from Blu-ray Disc

Interspecies Reviewers 1 'Limited Edition with' Aloe 'Original Figure' released on April 24, 2020. At the time of writing the article, the price on was 22,000 yen including tax. | [ Limited] Interspecies Reviewers 1 << 'Aloe' Limited Edition with Original Figure >> (Early reservation privilege: Original drawing, drawn by masha 'Turn over Harlem!' Miss Sakyu A4 (With clear file) (Purchase bonus for all volumes: Full volume storage BOX exchange serial code with illustrations drawn by animation) * Scheduled to be delivered on May 27 [Blu-ray] DVD / Blu-ray --Junji Mashima, Yusuke Kobayashi, Miyu Tomita, Kaede Yuasa, M ・ A ・ O, Hyakuyo Koyama, Karin Isobe, Mari Hino, Rei Matsuzaki, Yoko Hikasa, Yuki Ogawa

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