It turns out that it may have been to see the volcano immediately after the eruption of ancient humans from `` fossils of footprints 350,000 years ago ''


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Near the volcano Rocca Monfina in the northern part of Campania, Italy, there is a fossil of a footprint that remains in the sedimentary layer of the pyroclastic flow called ' Ciampate del Diavolo '. A detailed analysis of these footprints revealed that 'some footprints are not escaping from the erupting volcano, but rather towards the summit just after the eruption.'

On the devil's tracks: unexpected news from the Foresta ichnosite (Roccamonfina volcano, central Italy)-Panarello--Journal of Quaternary Science-Wiley Online Library

Mysterious Footprints Indicate Neanderthals Climbed a Volcano Right After It Erupted

Rocca Monfina volcano is said to have been active approximately 650,000 to 50,000 years ago, and at the time of writing was classified as a

dead volcano . When the Rocca Monfina volcano erupted, the footprints left in the pyroclastic sedimentary layer are the 'devil's footprints'.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, it has been confirmed that the devil's footprints were made by a type of human being, and researchers have been investigating the devil's footprints. It has been confirmed by the dating of the rock layer that the devil's footprint was made about 350,000 years ago, and it is said that it is the oldest fossil footprint of mankind next to Hazebra footprint in England except Africa.


edmondo gnerre

According to an Italian research team, the total number of footprints discovered by recent research has increased to 81, and the place where the footprint is located can be roughly divided into three points. Analysis of these footprints shows that the footprints are attached by at least five individuals, one of which is likely to be an adult male.

In addition, all footprints were left at a speed of about 1 meter per second, not in a hurry, and do not fit the scenario of 'running down the mountain in a hurry by an eruption'. In addition, it was also found that some footprints were `` climbing towards the summit '', researching that there is a possibility that `` ancient humanity climbed the mountain to see the state of the crater after the eruption '' The team points out. It is estimated that ancient humans climbed the mountain a few hours after the eruption, when the sediment of the pyroclastic flow had cooled to about 50 degrees Celsius.

`` We can often imagine communities living near mountains that emit harmful gas clouds and ash, '' Science Alert from science media said.``Disaster tourism (dark tourism) may not have recently started '

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Also, considering that the oldest modern human fossil found at the time of writing was 315,000 years ago, the devil's footprint left by the eruption 350,000 years ago was It has been attached by mankind. According to the research team, the shape of the foot recorded in the footprint of the devil is similar to the 430,000-year-old individual found at the archeological site of Cima de los Huesos in northern Spain.

This For Sima de los Uesosu discovered individuals of the species from the ruins, Homo heidelbergensis , denisovan , Neanderthals and various theories have been proposed. Adolfo Panarello, a research team, said, 'We have decided to withhold belonging to a particular species,' and did not state what kind of human race the master of footprints was.

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