Wonder Festival 2020 [Winter] Cosplay Summary [Part 1] where beautiful girls and unique cosplayers who burst in love gathered together

Wonder Festival 2020 [Winter] is a gathering of cosplayers from all over the country who are willing to wear light clothes for their love of work even in the cold of 7 degrees Celsius. 'Popularity has exploded blade of Onimetsu from襧豆Ko of' the 1985 arcade game ' Makai village until the character', I summarized because love was like crazy it exploded everywhere.

Wonder Festival

Kanade莉亜Mr. Sumahogemu ' # compass to Kokurikotto-Blanche'.

He said he bought the costume, but he took two weeks to make the stuffed animal.

Nijisanji 's virtual river Kaede Higuchi has Nina- san.

What stood out at the venue was Ains of '

TV Overlord ', which would easily exceed 2 meters.

My eyes glowed suspiciously and I couldn't see them in the photo, but I even smoked.

Is it a figurine for a moment? It's the size I think, but it works because

Kassun- san is inside.

Coupled with the background, Arthur of

Makaimura seems to have jumped out of the game. ..

The cosplayer is


He reproduced the retro movement of the game.

The armor is quite built, but the production time is one day.

Bring homemade torches.

Not only general cosplayers are cosplaying. The companion of the commercial booth also wears costumes of various characters.

At the Sega Prize booth, I found a rem of ' Re: Life in a Different World from Zero '.

Figurama Collectors had a race queen-like companion.

There is also a pants-style companion at Figurama Collectors.

The tattoo on the chest is sexy.

Kano Ienaga and Tatsuma Ushiyama from '

Golden Kamuy '.


Paul is the one who lives in Tatsuma Ushiyama. The square bumps on the forehead are reproduced with makeup putty.

Kano Ienaga is

Pink Rose Bertin .

The bulge around the waist of the dress is said to have a pillow. The dress looks very heavy, but it seems to be light because it is made of pillows.

Magnum Ace of '

Gale! Iron Leaguer ' and Haraplus- san who have become the three Gold brothers .

The helmet had the signature of

Kazuhiko Shimamoto, a manga artist.

Nijisanji is very popular, and not only Kaede Higuchi but also Kuzunoha was discovered. The person inside is Mr.

Mito .

The costume is said to have been made by modifying the Nike jersey.

I felt a pure aura, so when I approached it, I encountered Annes Fargia in the 'Sektobach

Epic '.

The cosplayer is

Nami Sakiyama . The sword was made by a father who likes making things.

It's a divine beauty.

Beyond becoming Ultraman A -san ...


Tsurugi who became Ultraman who came back and Ultraman popularity are still alive.

This Ultraman has a built-in battery inside the mask to keep your eyes shining.

In the meantime,

Nova , an ultra monster ...

He also reproduced the battle scene.

Bring your own small items.

At the commercial booth with the companion again. There was also a silver companion who appeared in '

Girls und Panzer Final Chapter '.

The red wings of the hat were also reproduced firmly.

At the Kotobukiya booth, cosplayer Ryuyu Matsutani was cosplaying Oho from Azur Lane .

The bold costume with a large chest is firmly reproduced.

Apricot Takamaki from '

Persona 5 '.

A huge figure box was installed in the premium anime shop '

Rashinban ', and it contained sexy Jiangshi.


Blade of Onimetsu stove襧豆Ko of' is Miori is Mr..

Miori also said that the costumes are handmade.

In another place, I found the same devilish blade, Kocho Shinobu. This is Maria.

・ Continued
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